Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miss this girl?

WOW.  Did you miss me? I know, I haven't posted since LAST Sunday, bad, bad blogger!!
There are a few reasons why:

1) Although I have had a ton of things going on, I didn't feel like talking about them. My week was a challenge and full of mental trials, it took most of my mental energy to stay on top of things including a work day that started at 5:50am & ended at 10pm, a garage sale I put together in about 48 hours and a FULL week of teaching and training! I could have blogged about deep pressing issues, it wasn't like I was lacking any! But I didn't have the mental energy to!

2) I was a little discouraged this week. For starters, I didn't go to swimming lesson #5 because I was so busy. Pool swimming is progressing nice, but I have been a little scared to do more open water. I can see myself improving in the pool and enjoying it. But I have learned quickly, I didn't anticipate the vast difference between learning to swim better and overcoming my fear of deep, open water. Both good things to tackle, an awful lot to tackle at one time, the summer I am getting used to a new schedule and new career. Sigh. We live. We learn.

3) I kind of needed a break. I started a new "job" this week as a resident manager of my apartment building which is wonderful because I am able to work out of my place taking calls, showing apartments as I work on my training business and group x classes. I spent a lot of times in the home office organizing, learning the ropes and showing the last few open apartments! I think I will really like having half of my work day be out of my apartment building.

In other breaking news, BOOT Camp for my local gals is going awesome! Today finished week two and I have been getting great feedback! The weather has been great, week one we had a run in with some bugs, but came today armed with yard fogger and deet! I have been trying to look the part, but I have had a few people suggest a whistle. Camo is IN for sure.
Do I look mean enough for boot camp?

Jennifer, Lindsay (another prior fat girl) and Sheena post boot camp

I also camped out in my HOOD on Saturday for a pretty impromtu garage sale which was EPIC. I wanted to get rid of a lot of excess I had and I did, so that was a success. I also unloaded all my BIG items which is key sice anything that didn't sell went right to charity!
Working on work at the sale!

Two HIPSTERS who practically fought over my sweet Magnum PI lap TV tray.
I can't believe I parted with it, they can't believe I owned and used it. Silly boys. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt since they were each rockin' the facial hair like Magnum.  

I got to hang out with Cindy too. We went to Amazing Thailand in Minneapolis, I LOVE Thai food and theirs is the best!
It was great to see Cindy and to just unwind, dress up a bit and enjoy our night. My Mom reminded me this weekend to enjoy my days, that God wants us to ENJOY life and I realized that many days of the week, I am on the Go-go so fast or working at this or planning that, I forget to ENJOY. We get overwhelmed by details, deadlines and things we think we need to do. There is beauty in the details, God is a detailed God, but doesn't want us to lose our joy in achiving things in life! So, I decided to go out with my sweet friend and enjoy my night.

It worked.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love your mom :)

Megan said...

OMG, you had a Magnum PI tray? I totally would've gotten that for my brother (had I been in Minneapolis for your sale...)

LaShaune said...

You have been mega busy and you're pure proof that good things come to those who take the challenge. We did miss your posts. All the best for a successful boot camp!

Shan said...

Welcome back! I DID miss you! I love your comments about enjoying one's days. As a mom to young children this is especially relevant. When you're taking care of small children all day long, your life is NONSTOP details and it is really, really hard to remember to stop and appreciate the moment and take time to ENJOY LIFE. I know that sounds counterintuitive b/c parenting is so fulfilling and children are so joyful, but honestly, it's true that one of the greatest challenges of mothering (especially stay-at-home mothering) is finding a balance between the stuff you need to get done (the babies' schedules, the naps, the meals and snacks, the diapers, the cleaning and cooking and managing) and also making sure you enjoy your babies when they are this little, b/c it goes by so fast.

Dr. TriRunner said...

you've gotta CALLL ME! i realized you have my number but I don't have yours. as of yesterday, lake harriet was GLORIOUS and weed free.

tell you what - what does your tomorrow look like? it's my day off of work, and I could definitely make time for an OWS. shoot me a text!!

Jessica said...

Glad you are back :)

Paula Rodriguez said...

Wow, you had a mangnum pi try. I think that's pretty darn cool. Congrats on starting the new job and being able to work outside your apartment.Your mom is 100% right. We get so busy with life that we forget to enjoy ourselves. We get so caught up.

Glad I stopped by.

Alexa said...

I'm so jealous of the Magnum PI TV Tray!! Where do you find this vintage, cool stuff??

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