Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three things Thursday

1) HAPPY Birthday MOM!! 
You are such an inspiration and a strong woman of faith, you are my best friend and I am blessed to have your support and your wisdom behind me. 

2) I sprained my ankle again last night (the first time being on a run camping about 3 weeks ago). Last night I was just walking and must have hit the sidewalk funny and went down! Sigh. I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow, and will have him adjust my ankles, but I don't know what this means for my running and training. 

3) How do you feel about pop? Do you drink pop? I know it's horrendous for us. I never really drank pop after high school or college, but when I did- WHEW! Watch out, it was Mountain Dew every day! I loved it AND  got sick on it! 

My home town has a pop machine where a can is still 40 cents! 40 cents!! I am deeply tempted to have one, just one.  What do you think would happen? 

Do you get your feet adjusted at the Chiropractor? Do you drink pop on occasion or NEVER? What was your food weakness in high school? 


Sabrina said...

Mary, I hope the chiropractor helps your ankle feel better. I have actually never been to one! Although, a friend of a friend is a message therapist and has told me I need my butt adjusted. When he explained, it turns out they can adjust my hips which effects my butt. Weird. I drink soda (pop) on occasion. I will have 2 maybe 3 Diet Dr. Pepper Vanilla Cherry sodas a week. Food weakness in high school... that would have to be the chicken tenders and french fries line. That was lunch Monday - Friday. Hello 20+ pounds! UGH.

Julie said...

I was on a missions trip in Central America when I was in high school and when it eventually became apparent we were drinking really bad water, we were forced to hydrate with pop for much of the time. WARM pop! I can't begin to tell you how sick of it I got. I very very rarely drink pop anymore. A fresca/vodka now and then or a rootbeer with pizza, maybe a Dr. Pepper with popcorn - I don't know why I associate certain pops with certain foods, though.
My main drink and my favorite drink has ALWAYS been water. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Anonymous said...

This past winter I hurt my ankle and happened to be going to the chiropractor that next day. He worked wonders on my ankle. I truely believe I was able to do my marathon 6 weeks later because of all the work my chiropractor did. My chiropractor also helps with my wrists, shoulders, hips, and toes.

Heidi & Misty said...

i've gotten my elbow and wrist adjusted before ( and my back of corse) helped allot!
as for what we like to call "soda" (hehe) i was an addict ...the first step is admitting it right! but now that i started making myself drink my recommended water every day i dont want it i want water! not flavored water...just WATER! Now i still havent quite talked myself into not ordering one if we eat out, but even that has improved and i get refill and half the time toss the rest :)
My weakness in High School was anything and everything sweet or loaded with carbs, i wasnt picky :(

Dr. TriRunner said...

Happy birthday Mary's mom!!

Growing up, we had soda in the house but it was always diet. Two staples: fresca and diet squirt. :D I don't buy soda anymore, mostly because it costs $$ and water is free. But if someone is offering, I won't turn it down. At work I'll sometimes have a diet coke, but we have soda water on tap which is even better!

I hope your ankle is fine and the chiro takes good care of you. Praying for you!!

shannonsfoodruns said...

Eek, hope your ankle feels better ASAP! In high school & early college I probably drank 3-6 cans of diet coke per day. Then one year in college I gave it up for Lent, and realized that I didn't miss it that much! I will still have some occasionally (like if i'm eating at Chipotle or drinking a calimoxo (red wine + coke - awesome Spanish drink)), but no diet coke lives in our home. My office even has a free soda fountain, but I just don't care for it as much anymore.

I want to guess that you would be fine having a mountain dew, but you know yourself better than I know you! Do you really really want one? Or are you just curious? Good luck!

LaShaune said...

I hope your ankle heals quickly.

Love the fact that pop and soda are regional terms. You can always tell where ppl are from by those terms.

Every now and again I have a craving for a soda. Right now, I'm craving so I drink ginger ale. Wish they were 40 cents here! Wow!

teacherwoman said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

To answer your questions... I have NEVEr been to a chiro before, but am thinking about it.

I go in spurts with pop and know I just need to stop all together.

My food weakness in highschool was eating crappy fatty foods and sweets at school and after with friends. yuck.

Jackie said...

My Chiropractor adjusts my feet every time I go in. They feel so much better after. He cringes and lectures everytime I go in with my 4" heels on and I'm always in heels.

Good luck hopefully a treatment or two fixes you problem :o)

Mom on the Run said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I have gone to chiropractor several times for my feet. It takes a few sessions and you feel great :) Hope you find some relief.

Megan said...

I don't know that I had a food weakness in high school. Probably anything that was deep fried and dipped in ranch dressing!

I drink 1 pop a day, at lunch while at work during the week. I don't always drink it on weekends. Sometimes I think it's the only thing that can get me through the afternoon, though I know I could survive without it. I just like Dr. Pepper! But 1 is enough.

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