Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free food made me Fat!

Yep. That's right. Free food made me fat. WHY? Well, because I would get a plate, bite, bag or whatever I could grab of free food. Think about it: Those brownies waiting in the kitchen, that birthday cake your co-workers bring in, the plate of goodies or box of snacks that the vendors send over. Halloween candy, christmas cookies, winning a pizza lunch &  bags of....yes...Crunch-N-Munch. Yes. 

The Proof is in the HFC syrup! 

I got busted with a capital B the other day, at work, eating FREEE Junk food. Picture this: 

Little 'ole personal trainer me grabs a free small (does it matter?) bag of Crunch-N-Munch from a big box that a vendor or someone sent to the gym. So I take it up to the desk and munch away as I work when another trainer callls me on it. "What is THIS?" In my defense I said, it was free, downstairs and the other trainer replies "So just because it was free you had to take it and eat it..." then proceeds to read me the ingredients on the back. 

My first response? Mind your own business! Second response? You are totally right and I am eating like a bad trainer right now. Yes, it was free. That doesn't mean I have to take it. That doesn't even mean I SHOULD take it. 

1) it was free and I didn't have prepared snacks on me
2) it was convenient and I could it "under the table"
3) i was craving a treat and I gave in!
4) it didn't feel like an issue--I mean it was a gift to the office and we are a gym!

1) Free doesn't mean good food, often, it's worse for us. I need to have healthy snacks with me and the will power to chose those over other free food that isn't nutritious! 

2) After all, eating should be about fuel and nutrition as well as enjoyment. In all honesty, a bag of Crunch-N-Munch isn't THAT enjoyable. Let's face it, it kind of tasted like plastic. Aw! 

3) When I am craving a treat, I need to allow myself that or I feel deprived, but what KIND of a treat is always the key. I can have a square of dark chocolate on hand or a sweet protein drink, trail mix with little chocolate chips...something to fill my treat spot without scarfing down a bag of High Fructose Corn syrup in front of potential clients. 

4) It's about self control--I know what's good to eat and what's bad. But when I see that "FREE FOOD" I need to tell myself: 

There will always be more food. 
There will always be treats for me to have. 

I am all about moderation, but self control goes into that too. I have, in the past, eaten, without moderation, any and all free food insight. There will always be more cookies. There will always be more cake, there will always be more. 

It doesn't have to feel like desperation, in that if I don't take this, I will never get more. But sometimes it does and I need to remind myself there will always be more.  Am I down on junk food? YES. Am I down on treats? NO WAY. 

Am I down on falling into old habits? YES.
That is the old Mary, the old way of thinking about food.  
So thanks, trainer friend who I thought was a jerk at first, you helped me see(again) that free isn't REALLY free at all. It always comes with a price.

Do you ever feel like you HAVE to take or eat free food? Why? 
Do you regret it after you do? 

Monday, September 27, 2010

14 miles: My longest long run

Well, it's not the LONGEST run I will do in my marathon training, but it's the official longest run I have ever done to date!

14 Miles! Loaded with my phone, shot blocks, Tropical Fruit Lara bar and Knudsen Recharge!

Ready for those double digits! At a red light about 3 blocks from my place. Only 13.75 miles to go!  I am wearing my I Declare charm- 13.1 for the Love of the run Charm necklace--I blogged about it here

Cedar Lake, a northern addition to the chain of lakes that  I don't often run! It was beautiful!! Overall my run went slower than I thought, but was also not AS grueling, which was a good thing. It was a challenge, but I did it! 

I had some help too, my friend Alyssa roller bladed along side me and we met a nice woman biking the same trails as we were. We chatted with her for a good seven miles! It made the time fly by! 

When I got home, I had a big bowl of pasta, beans and a little dollop of cream cheese!

 Spiru-tein is a tasty, natural high protein powder that I add to green monsters, smoothies and after my run, a big glass of water to refuel and supplement! 
I Love this tri-part protein and the Exotic Red Fruit mixes well and has little chunks of red fruit in it! It's great with just water.  

Sunday was a beautiful day. 
My friend Lynette married a great guy named Fred. 
Weather: perfect
Sky: blue
Love: Brimming

Congrats to the newlyweds!! 

here i am doing my best cougar face-
alas no catches at the wedding! 

I felt surprisingly rested, strong and HAPPY after a 14 mile run. I am looking forward to this week with speed work, running club at work and another long run next weekend! 

Do you cry at weddings? Is there a song or a trigger? I do. All the time. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Treadmill intervals & BLOGGING!

Blah! No time to blog this week, I can't believe it's Sunday afternoon and I posted twice! Yesterday my friend Alyssa said "oh, I forgot that you write a blog--apparently so did I!! 
Need a weeks recap? Here's the randomness that was this week: 

RAIN! It rained here in Minneapolis, I biked around in it, sporting my wicked cool, giant purple rain jacket, but alas, as fresh as it is, It doesn't quite cut it with a day of steady rain. I am looking into getting some gear from Marmot. My mom was dealing with flood damage this weekend, so a lot of time on the phone supporting and loving on her. 

CORE! I took on teaching a rotating core conditioning class at work and I LOVE it! It's a 30min format so it's shorter, but so much fun to teach and so important! 

BIKE! I got a number of fun gadgets for my bike: a very bright front and rear light set that mounts and is interchangeable on any of my bikes, a rear fender that is interchangeable from bike to bike --keeps my rear from getting soaked and a set of padded gloves for sore palms! 

WORK, WORK, WORK: busy at work and it is really all I can ask for! I have a number of potential clients I am talking to and took on teaching 2 more classes! I am busy and blessed. 

I Put the FUN in Fundraising! I am working hard on a few events coming up in October to UP the fundraising --I am getting SO close to my goal and closer still to my race in December!   

This past week the speed work on my marathon training schedule was 6 X 800 and I hammered out 5 of them before my boot camp class at work! There is an early morning group of runners with Bolder Options that is doing these runs together, but I am not able to participate! So, It was the DREADmill and myself. 

1st interval: a good pace! I was resting about 1:30-2min in between intervals, working to get my heart-rate down before starting the next! 

2nd: A little slower, not too bad. Working on doing these faster than race pace of course. 

3rd: AND I am getting tired! Still a fine pace for a 800 or even mile interval. 

4th: this one, I took the first quarter mile easy, I was feeling it and only had about 15 min till I had to head downstairs to teach anyway! 

5th and final interval was faster than the 4th! Woot! That's always a blessing and a boost when you can increase your speed and pace at the end! It's a mental challenge, especially indoors on the treadmill, I feel like running is very slow going inside and I often want to give up! PLUS, as I have blogged about before, the first few miles for me are the hardest, but with intervals, it's not as bad mentally. Sprints and short distances can feel like a game to me and that helps. 

2.5 miles of 800 intervals complete and then off to teach the 60 min boot camp, I was already dripping with sweat. 

Speed work can be grueling but rewarding! It feels great to do hard workouts and seeing the results in your longer runs always amazes me! Still, there was that long run that didn't go SO well...that's another blog post! 

Do you LIKE speed work? What is your favorite interval training technique? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Babes in Bikeland!

I have been working hard on trying to remember to take my supplements! I take a daily vitamin, extra vitamin D and fish oil! I have been searching for a great supplement of Omega's and have a few brands on recommendation that I am going to try, but was really excited to find these awesome little "tear and squeeze" packets of Chocolate orange Omega 3's from Coromega 3!! 

They are SO good! I was pretty amazed at the flavor and I love that it is SO easy!! They say that the squeeze pack has 300% better absorption than soft gels. 

I did a very cool bike race this weekend called Babes in bikeland! 228 women raced around the whole of Minneapolis, going to 8 locations in a "scavenger hunt" style race, collecting stamps and X's for each mark they hit! After registration, we received a map of Minneapolis and a list of locations and addresses, from there, we had to figure out a route on our own! 

Officially it's called an Alley Cat race!  Alyssa has done a number of them, but I am a total Alley Cat virgin, but it was a blast! We saw huge groups of girls all over town trying to find the fastest way to the locations and back to the ending point--did we win? No way! But we had a ton of fun trying. We only got lost once and we only missed one location. 

It was about a 20 mile race overall (not counting getting a bit lost!) And it took us about 2 hours and 45 min to get to all the locations, do the "task" there for us and to the finish line! 

The ending point was a bike shop coffee house in South Mpls where they had gift bags, GOOD coffee, water and other drinks! I really enjoy the bike culture in Minneapolis--so many people like me see biking as a way of life, of transportation and enjoy the simplicity of it, the activity level it adds to your life and the community that a love of bikes creates! 

A great tasting, tiny, late night, macchiato!

Do you have alley cat races or scavenger hunt bike races in your town? Have you done one? This race was also the night of my double race day so my legs were TIRED to say the least. Sunday and Monday ended up being major rest days--I am out the door for a run right now! Peace!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bolder Dash double race day Recap!

I did it! I ran a double race and then some to equal a long run, the first real long run of my marathon training and the longest consecutive miles since my trail race in June! I ran the Bolder Dash 10k and then 5k back to back with about 3 miles before hand! 

I was doing my best to show up with ample time to run before hand, but found myself with about 40  minutes only! I woke up nervous and not feeling well at all. I am sure it was just performance anxiety. I had some Liberte 6 grain yogurt which I love and set very well with my tummy (yay) & some water!

first lap on my own

I got to Lake Nokomis parked and made my first lap around the lake (2.7 miles) picked up my race number, found my friend Ryan who was there early, but running the 9:45am 5k and ran over to the race start, a little less than a half a mile away! Then it was on the go for the 10k!

I was feeling good and warmed up and by the time we did the first round of the lake (they added a little disatance so that 6.2 took us twice around!) and really strong, I saw a few people who are running the Honolulu Marathon with me--out there supporting our organization! I finished nice and strong and was under 56:00, but can't find an official time online. 

I had a chip on my shoe, but something must have messed it up or thrown it off because I can't find either time or my name online!

I finished STRONG in the 10k--I love finishing strong, knowing I have one or two miles left means I can up my pace a little and when I see that finish line, or know I am so close, lift those knee's and pump those arms!

I had just about 15min between races, so I grabbed a little cake donut, some water and some Starbucks black--thank God for coffee at races! I filled my tummy and off we went, back to the start line!

Ryan and I ran together for the 5k--we kept a nice strong pace the whole time and I felt good...I was suprised because of how icky I felt when I woke up! But the day was COOOL and the sun was peaking through Ryan and I finished STRONG AGAIN! Woot! 

We kicked it up, trying to catch the 2 people ahead of us before crossing the line and we did it! We rocked a 26:57 for our 5k time. Officially it was Ryan's time, but we finished together, so I am claiming it till I can see my official numbers. 

It was a great morning and a great few races overall, I am looking forward to more running and next weekend training going even farther!! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Leeks and a double race day!

Happy Friday! It's kind of gloomy and rainy here, but I am looking forward to a wonderful day! I was already up bright (well not so bright now that it's fall) but early anyway! I had a training session and have been at the coffee shop this morning working and focusing on my new bible study that I joined! It's going to be powerful!

One of the NEWEST veggies I am indulging in are leeks!  I love LEEKS!

Like giant onions, but bigger. 

Leeks are in the same family as onion and garlic and have a mild onion taste. I wonder why I love them so much. :) 

You can boil them, fry them, eat them raw, put them in salads! Numerous possibilities! I cut up this one and  sautéed it with a medium size portabella mushroom!  

Add a little EVOO....mmm

Add some Tamari (droooolll...) 
I love Tamari, it adds a rich taste to so many veggies! 

Dance around and saute till everything has that soft look, then, I crank the heat a little and brown the edges of the veggies a bit more! 

I added 2 table spoons full of kidney beans and serve aside a nice portion of FLUFFY Quinoa!  I love it! It's savory, light and full of protein and B vitamins! 

I am on week 6 of Marathon training, this weekend is my first double digit long run of the training program and I am doing part of it with in the Bolder Dash 5 and 10k races!  Bolder Options, the non-profit I am fundraising for, running for and training with, facilitate the Bolder Dash every year and it is a wonderful fall race! 

Once or twice (10k) around Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis raises money for and awareness of Bolder Options! My long run calls for 13, but I am running 9 tomorrow morning between the two races. I will have to add another 4 on afterwards or before to meet that milage, but there was no way I wanted to miss the race. 

My mentee and I have run it before and it is a ton of fun. Can you tell? 

Post race--I am an UBER goof and she loves me anyway. I think. 

Full report of my long run weekend and double race day on SUNDAY! I know, I know, I just can't wait to share! 

Have you ever done back to back races? Was it for training or just the love of the run? Wish me luck! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I need to do more!

Happy Thursday! This is my busiest day of the week most often, although Wednesdays are fast in the running. 

I realized this week, just HOW much money I spend on eating out--and it's not just fancy dinners or weekend eats in Stillwater. I drop at LEAST 20 dollars a week on little breakfast/brunch eats as I bike from appointment to appointment or home from class. 

WHY? I feel like I deserve little treats for working so hard. Hm. There is a flaw there, I know it. SO, I am revowing to cook more at home. Yesterday, instead of stopping at my favorite breakfast place, I came home and attempted to make my first egg white um...omelet. 

It didn't work so well, so it quickly became an egg white scramble! Add in's: Broccoli, ground flax, parmesan and parsley! YUM! 

Why egg white? It is full of protein and low in fat! there is no cholesterol and a jumbo white is only about 20 calories!  I will have to  try again to perfect the omelet part, it didn't work so well even though I used my great omelet pan! 

The yolk itself contains 60 calories and has gotten a bad rap for containing cholesterol etc. BUT, it also has Omega 3's and vitamin D. I am usually a full egg omelet kind of girl, especially when the good aspects of a yolk out weigh the bad. 

An old pic of the best full egg omelet ever... 

Are you an egg white only eater or do you hit up the full egg? I am dabbling, but either way the scramble was a great way to use what I had at home for a healthy brunch! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Functional Fitness & my path

Hey you guys, happy FALL! No joke, it's really cooled off here in Minnesota, are you cooler too? I miss the warm days, I admit it. A big part of me wants to live somewhere sunny and 70 year round, but the other part would miss the winter and snow. 

A while back, I was invited to come and speak to a "Functional Fitness" class  and run them through a 30 min boot camp. It was at Minnesota School of Business where long long ago in a gallexy far, far away, I was in school for Health and Exercise Science! It's part of my big long path that landed me where I am now! 

When I lost 35 pounds, fell in love with weight training and got kinda healthy, I KNEW I wanted to be a personal trainer. I enrolled at a school for an Associates Degree, even though I had my BA.  I took a number of classes online and although I did very well, I wasn't sure it was the direction I should take. I didn't go back, but instead decided that I was just going to get certified as a personal trainer. 

LIFE was in full force and certification took a back seat. I was skating for roller derby, working, but all the while feeling that I needed to make a change. I was on the travel team for Minnesota Roller Girls and decided that I would step down and work on my certification. 

The MNRG All-Stars when I was skating!

I stepped down but I DIDN'T work on my certification! I was derailed by some personal and work place challenges and still felt like I had  no direction. I applied to a different school, a second school for a different program, but because I was working full time, I was unable to start that. 

I felt like I was hitting closed door after closed door....have you ever felt that way?  I soon realized that if I wanted to move forward with my education/certification and become a fitness professional, I would have to leave my job and dive in head first! 

HERE is where that story picks up in my career change where I stepped out, DID the certification and left my corporate job. Search the blog for Leap of Faith to find all the posts! 

Since being certified and getting new jobs as a fitness professional, I haven't gone back and pursued either program. When Minnesota School of Business contacted me to come and speak to the class, it was because I met the Health and Exercise Science Department Head at the gym!!  She invited me out and then looked me up in the system to see how much of the program I went through. 

Carrie! Department head and fitness guru! 

Low and behold she tells me that after looking at my information, I was MORE than half way through the program. That put a little spark in my mind. Now that I have a more open flexible schedule, I am thinking about the possibilities of getting back into a few of these pieces of the puzzle that I haven't followed through on, be it one program or both!  

I was very blessed to be able to come to the class, lead them through a boot camp and talk about functional fitness. It was an honor and a great time! As I was talking to the class in a Q &A, they asked about what it's like to be in the work place, how I plan training sessions and group classes and client relations. 

One thing I talked about was my initial feelings of inadequacy. I told the class that if they don't know something or understand something they have all the tools to get all the answers they need, including trainers that have been in the business for years.  Then one young man piped up and said that now, I am one of those tools for students like them. I was FLATTERED, it was a very cool experience and again a huge blessing!

A great quote in the hall of the school: Habit is what keeps you going...

After that visit, I am feeling more motivated and pumped to explore my school options that have been sitting dormant for close to three years. YES, three years ago was when all of these school options were materializing. I could look at the journey and feel like I wasted the last 3 years, or I could appreciate the path I was on for it brought me here where I can see everything more clearly than I ever could have back then. 

Just like the boot camps I teach are functional and will help us live our day to day life better and stronger, I can look at the steps I have taken since March as functional as well: leading me to where I should & where I am supposed to be to be used to my fullest!  

Have you ever let opportunities slip away or sit dormant as you step out your path? Do you ever look back at your steps and see that you were guided all along the way? 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Run at Work Day!

I wanted to let you know so you can ORGANIZE an outing!! Does anyone already run, walk or workout with co-workers? 

Attached is a poster to print out and organize people to get moving! 

Exercise does the following amazing things for us: 

Gives us more energy! More energy means we can get more projects checked off, more work done in shorter time and we can work LESS. Basically by taking part in Run at Work Day, you are moving us toward a 30 hour work week just like Europeans. Fresh! 

Makes us happier!  Enough of those Negative Nancy's in the office--get them running stairs or  sprints from the front desk to the large conference room. They release endorphins, smile more, are nicer to people and bring more business in. That's right, happy running co-workers are the best ROI you will ever have! 

Boosts productivity! It's a proven fact that people get more done in an office when music is playing, and it's proven also that releasing stress and exerting energy makes us more mentally focused on the job. Getting your co-workers to run for 30 min over their lunch break will make them lean mean, productivity machines!  

Options: Run the stairwells in your office building
Run around the block outside
Move the conference table and run killers and high knees
Map a 5k course from the office and back and do a relay
Form a lunch break running club 
Run to a city park, have lunch and run back 
REGARDLESS of what you do... 

Get out and run on Friday and take some people with you! Start a running revolution at work! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Bike Trip!

I went on the LONGEST bike ride ever... for me anyway and officially broke in the Trek! 

70 miles total!
My friend Alyssa and I took off for a day trip, bike ride to Stillwater, Minnesota, a quaint little historical town 35 miles from Minneapolis on the St. Croix river! 

I was ASTOUNDED at Alyssa's confidence in our ability to bike that far. I believe the farthest I have gone is between 20-26 on my bike. I had water, Gatorade, a bagel, a cliff bar and some jelly beans in my food arsenal!  

To start we went down the Midtown Greenway to the bike path called the Grand Rounds which takes bikers, walkers and skaters all around Minneapolis and St. Paul's water ways! 

From there we went to St. Paul, past the capital to the Gateway state trail. When we made it to North St. Paul, an area that I think of as far away from home in a CAR, I couldn't believe that we had gone so far. It took roughly 2.5 hours to ride those first 35 miles! 

I was SO excited to take a pic near the lift bridge in Stillwater! We made it! I was so excited for a million little reasons! The first being: I LOVE Stillwater and without a car in the big city, it's hard to get away and go to such a great little town for the day or weekend. Not anymore!! Two: I had never biked that far and it was easier than I thought! Three: FOOD! Wonderful food on the river. 

Seared Yellowfin Tuna and fries! 

Virgin Strawberry Basil mojito! YUMM.

We went to the Dock Cafe for lunch! When we walked in, they said there was a 30 min wait for the water front patio, but when we went to the patio to put our name in not only was there NO wait, he put us at what he called the best table on the patio! It was BEAUTIFUL! 

Relaxing by the water before the ride back! 

We had a coffee, went to the candy store and an antique store before leaving to beat sunset. 

On our way OUT we tackled about 5 large, LONG hills with the wind against us. It was a big challenge and I was inspired by Alyssa's attitude. Instead of trying to take another way out of town, or walking the hills, she said "This is the challenge of our day and when we face it and rock it, then it's flat all the way home and that's our reward."

Rock it we did. I didn't get any pictures of the hills, but I can tell you they were huge and we didn't walk or give up and it was a GREAT feeling. I am glad I didn't give up and I am glad that I believed my friend in that we could ride that far! The ride back took about 3 hours and we got back right at dusk! 

I ended my night with a little pizza, water and a bit of foam rolling! I wasn't very sore this Monday morning and I am glad, because it was a running club morning bright and early! 

Did you have a good Monday?? 
What is the farthest bike trip you have been on?

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