Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bolder Dash double race day Recap!

I did it! I ran a double race and then some to equal a long run, the first real long run of my marathon training and the longest consecutive miles since my trail race in June! I ran the Bolder Dash 10k and then 5k back to back with about 3 miles before hand! 

I was doing my best to show up with ample time to run before hand, but found myself with about 40  minutes only! I woke up nervous and not feeling well at all. I am sure it was just performance anxiety. I had some Liberte 6 grain yogurt which I love and set very well with my tummy (yay) & some water!

first lap on my own

I got to Lake Nokomis parked and made my first lap around the lake (2.7 miles) picked up my race number, found my friend Ryan who was there early, but running the 9:45am 5k and ran over to the race start, a little less than a half a mile away! Then it was on the go for the 10k!

I was feeling good and warmed up and by the time we did the first round of the lake (they added a little disatance so that 6.2 took us twice around!) and really strong, I saw a few people who are running the Honolulu Marathon with me--out there supporting our organization! I finished nice and strong and was under 56:00, but can't find an official time online. 

I had a chip on my shoe, but something must have messed it up or thrown it off because I can't find either time or my name online!

I finished STRONG in the 10k--I love finishing strong, knowing I have one or two miles left means I can up my pace a little and when I see that finish line, or know I am so close, lift those knee's and pump those arms!

I had just about 15min between races, so I grabbed a little cake donut, some water and some Starbucks black--thank God for coffee at races! I filled my tummy and off we went, back to the start line!

Ryan and I ran together for the 5k--we kept a nice strong pace the whole time and I felt good...I was suprised because of how icky I felt when I woke up! But the day was COOOL and the sun was peaking through Ryan and I finished STRONG AGAIN! Woot! 

We kicked it up, trying to catch the 2 people ahead of us before crossing the line and we did it! We rocked a 26:57 for our 5k time. Officially it was Ryan's time, but we finished together, so I am claiming it till I can see my official numbers. 

It was a great morning and a great few races overall, I am looking forward to more running and next weekend training going even farther!! 


Middle Name Marie said...

Good job on the race :)

Megan said...

Great time! Especially for the 3 mile warm-up AND the 10K beforehand. You DID rock that 5K, Mary. :)

Jessica said...

If you get a chance, could you stop over at my blog and read the post "Heart Rate Question." So far, no one has been able to answer it for me. Thanks- Jess

PS. Great job on your race!

Ryan Lee said...

wow, I hadn't even checked our time, was thinking we would've been around 29 minutes...YAY FOR US AND OUR AMAZING MORNING!!!

Julie said...

Awesome job Lady! I did this one last year and had so much fun! I love the course...flat and fast! My daughter had a cross country meet so unfortunately I missed it this year! Congrats to you:)

That Pink Girl said...

Way to go girl! You really rocked it!
And I love how bundled up y'all are. It's still in the 100's some days here. :o(
Looking forward to the day I can run in long sleeves again...

Bagus Satya said...

woow i realized know that i have been very busy lately therefore i forget this simple fun activity.

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