Friday, September 17, 2010

Leeks and a double race day!

Happy Friday! It's kind of gloomy and rainy here, but I am looking forward to a wonderful day! I was already up bright (well not so bright now that it's fall) but early anyway! I had a training session and have been at the coffee shop this morning working and focusing on my new bible study that I joined! It's going to be powerful!

One of the NEWEST veggies I am indulging in are leeks!  I love LEEKS!

Like giant onions, but bigger. 

Leeks are in the same family as onion and garlic and have a mild onion taste. I wonder why I love them so much. :) 

You can boil them, fry them, eat them raw, put them in salads! Numerous possibilities! I cut up this one and  sautéed it with a medium size portabella mushroom!  

Add a little EVOO....mmm

Add some Tamari (droooolll...) 
I love Tamari, it adds a rich taste to so many veggies! 

Dance around and saute till everything has that soft look, then, I crank the heat a little and brown the edges of the veggies a bit more! 

I added 2 table spoons full of kidney beans and serve aside a nice portion of FLUFFY Quinoa!  I love it! It's savory, light and full of protein and B vitamins! 

I am on week 6 of Marathon training, this weekend is my first double digit long run of the training program and I am doing part of it with in the Bolder Dash 5 and 10k races!  Bolder Options, the non-profit I am fundraising for, running for and training with, facilitate the Bolder Dash every year and it is a wonderful fall race! 

Once or twice (10k) around Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis raises money for and awareness of Bolder Options! My long run calls for 13, but I am running 9 tomorrow morning between the two races. I will have to add another 4 on afterwards or before to meet that milage, but there was no way I wanted to miss the race. 

My mentee and I have run it before and it is a ton of fun. Can you tell? 

Post race--I am an UBER goof and she loves me anyway. I think. 

Full report of my long run weekend and double race day on SUNDAY! I know, I know, I just can't wait to share! 

Have you ever done back to back races? Was it for training or just the love of the run? Wish me luck! 


Tricia said...

have fun!

chris mcpeake said...

good luck in the races

Mary said...

Thanks you guys, they went great!

Kristin said...

Hope the runs go well for you! I did a 10K followed by a 5K this summer--it was hard! I ran the 10K at race pace and the 5K slower (because I had no choice :).

Wendi said...

I did back-to-back 5Ks when I ran on a relay team in the Minneapolis Duathlon. It was thrilling! I got PRs in both of them with only a .04 second difference between the races. Really fun!

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