Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucy Reversible Training Pants review

I was Lucky enough to have brunch with Cheryl from Losing my behind  at Common roots Cafe.  I shared with Cheryl who is a total creative kindred spirit and really gets me, about how I have been thinking about a lot of questions lately. Questions that I have been confronted with lately and that are really important for me to look at and examine!  

In life and in my work, a new business venture (one on one training) Where am I headed and what is my goal? Who is my target audience? What is my mission? 

I don't always plan ahead the way I should, I get VERY excited with new opportunities and projects and just JUMP in. It used to be that this was seen as a "weakness" in my work style.   Recently my willingness to jump in and go has been commended, but I still need to start projects with a game plan and a vision of who I am, where I want to go and who I want to work with! 

One thing I have done with this is to make a "list" of the qualities that my future and ideal clients possess!  That way when I write out what I am aiming for I am more apt to get those kind of clients and work with those people. People who will be loyal, long term, committed, goal oriented or molded to be, positive, hard working and open minded!  

Second is I am hooking up with SCORE, Counselors to America's Small Businesses to work with me on my business plan and tactics! It is a free consulting business for people with entrepreneurial spirits! 

Cheryl and I talked over DELICIOUS brunch at Common Roots! 
Huevos rancheros!

Then I went home and tried out my NEW LUCY Active wear Reversible training pants! 
Black on the one side and Navy on the other! 

There is just something about LUCY clothing that makes me feel SO fit, 
like Jillian Michaels fit! 

The pants fit my body very naturally. They are think and very good quality like all LUCY wear, but not heavy and not clingy on my legs! They are supportive and light. They are very easy to move in and I have worn them to work and teaching group classes as well. I was going to run in them, but it was still a little too warm out! 

They flair JUST slightly at the bottom, so if you are doing leg lifts or anything they will show some skin- so beware single guys, you may see some ankle!

They are great for biking and walking and I am anticipating them to be great running pants as well, for the fall season. They performed  wonderful in group fitness, moving with my body and not bunching or sticking at all! Over all a wonderful product and reversible! Really--how COOL is that?? 

Thanks LUCY for gifting these pants to me & letting me give these a whirl! 

What is YOUR favorite LUCY active wear product? 
I am SO excited, I am off to my first full hour massage! Will report ASAP!


Tricia said...

They look like great pants! Enjoy your massage!

RescuingLisa said...

Wow - that brunch looks super delicious!

The workout gear looks super great too - is Lucy Active Wear like a lululemon (Canada)?

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