Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I need to do more!

Happy Thursday! This is my busiest day of the week most often, although Wednesdays are fast in the running. 

I realized this week, just HOW much money I spend on eating out--and it's not just fancy dinners or weekend eats in Stillwater. I drop at LEAST 20 dollars a week on little breakfast/brunch eats as I bike from appointment to appointment or home from class. 

WHY? I feel like I deserve little treats for working so hard. Hm. There is a flaw there, I know it. SO, I am revowing to cook more at home. Yesterday, instead of stopping at my favorite breakfast place, I came home and attempted to make my first egg white um...omelet. 

It didn't work so well, so it quickly became an egg white scramble! Add in's: Broccoli, ground flax, parmesan and parsley! YUM! 

Why egg white? It is full of protein and low in fat! there is no cholesterol and a jumbo white is only about 20 calories!  I will have to  try again to perfect the omelet part, it didn't work so well even though I used my great omelet pan! 

The yolk itself contains 60 calories and has gotten a bad rap for containing cholesterol etc. BUT, it also has Omega 3's and vitamin D. I am usually a full egg omelet kind of girl, especially when the good aspects of a yolk out weigh the bad. 

An old pic of the best full egg omelet ever... 

Are you an egg white only eater or do you hit up the full egg? I am dabbling, but either way the scramble was a great way to use what I had at home for a healthy brunch! 


LaShaune said...

I know what you mean about misc food spending...but we do deserve a treat now and again, right?

I've heard/read/was told that for every 3 egg whites, you can/should add in 1 yolk. I buy the egg whites in the carton and a dz eggs. I boil the real eggs and use the egg whites to make oatmeal pancakes, scrambles and such. For me the carton is straight convenience, and I don't feel like I'm wasting an egg.

Julie said...

If I'm just eating one egg, I totally eat the's the best part!!!
BUT....I eat sooooo many eggs that I usually just use the whites and one whole egg in omelets or breakfast scrambles, but my kids get the whole thing...and pup gets some of my yolks.

teacherwoman said...

When I make eggs for a big breakfast, I usually have 2-3 egg whites with part of or a whole egg yolk. I know that good comes from the yolk in small portions! :)

Cupboard Love said...

I'm totally a whole egg kind of girl - if I've got egg whites in the fridge left over from something else, I might throw them in, though.

I rarely eat out anymore - I find that there just aren't any restaurants around my area that I want to eat at.

Jenny said...

I love egg white scrambles! Where do you like to eat out at?

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I eat the yolk, too, because I find it adds more "yellow" to my diet. But I use freshly laid chicken eggs, so I get partial credit for that...

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