Sunday, September 26, 2010

Treadmill intervals & BLOGGING!

Blah! No time to blog this week, I can't believe it's Sunday afternoon and I posted twice! Yesterday my friend Alyssa said "oh, I forgot that you write a blog--apparently so did I!! 
Need a weeks recap? Here's the randomness that was this week: 

RAIN! It rained here in Minneapolis, I biked around in it, sporting my wicked cool, giant purple rain jacket, but alas, as fresh as it is, It doesn't quite cut it with a day of steady rain. I am looking into getting some gear from Marmot. My mom was dealing with flood damage this weekend, so a lot of time on the phone supporting and loving on her. 

CORE! I took on teaching a rotating core conditioning class at work and I LOVE it! It's a 30min format so it's shorter, but so much fun to teach and so important! 

BIKE! I got a number of fun gadgets for my bike: a very bright front and rear light set that mounts and is interchangeable on any of my bikes, a rear fender that is interchangeable from bike to bike --keeps my rear from getting soaked and a set of padded gloves for sore palms! 

WORK, WORK, WORK: busy at work and it is really all I can ask for! I have a number of potential clients I am talking to and took on teaching 2 more classes! I am busy and blessed. 

I Put the FUN in Fundraising! I am working hard on a few events coming up in October to UP the fundraising --I am getting SO close to my goal and closer still to my race in December!   

This past week the speed work on my marathon training schedule was 6 X 800 and I hammered out 5 of them before my boot camp class at work! There is an early morning group of runners with Bolder Options that is doing these runs together, but I am not able to participate! So, It was the DREADmill and myself. 

1st interval: a good pace! I was resting about 1:30-2min in between intervals, working to get my heart-rate down before starting the next! 

2nd: A little slower, not too bad. Working on doing these faster than race pace of course. 

3rd: AND I am getting tired! Still a fine pace for a 800 or even mile interval. 

4th: this one, I took the first quarter mile easy, I was feeling it and only had about 15 min till I had to head downstairs to teach anyway! 

5th and final interval was faster than the 4th! Woot! That's always a blessing and a boost when you can increase your speed and pace at the end! It's a mental challenge, especially indoors on the treadmill, I feel like running is very slow going inside and I often want to give up! PLUS, as I have blogged about before, the first few miles for me are the hardest, but with intervals, it's not as bad mentally. Sprints and short distances can feel like a game to me and that helps. 

2.5 miles of 800 intervals complete and then off to teach the 60 min boot camp, I was already dripping with sweat. 

Speed work can be grueling but rewarding! It feels great to do hard workouts and seeing the results in your longer runs always amazes me! Still, there was that long run that didn't go SO well...that's another blog post! 

Do you LIKE speed work? What is your favorite interval training technique? 


Alyssa said...

I read it this time Mary! :P Nice post! ;)

Megan said...

I wouldn't say I LIKE speedwork, but it's the only thing that makes the treadmill tolerable for me. I do more fartleks on the treadmill than I do when running outside!

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