Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Bike Trip!

I went on the LONGEST bike ride ever... for me anyway and officially broke in the Trek! 

70 miles total!
My friend Alyssa and I took off for a day trip, bike ride to Stillwater, Minnesota, a quaint little historical town 35 miles from Minneapolis on the St. Croix river! 

I was ASTOUNDED at Alyssa's confidence in our ability to bike that far. I believe the farthest I have gone is between 20-26 on my bike. I had water, Gatorade, a bagel, a cliff bar and some jelly beans in my food arsenal!  

To start we went down the Midtown Greenway to the bike path called the Grand Rounds which takes bikers, walkers and skaters all around Minneapolis and St. Paul's water ways! 

From there we went to St. Paul, past the capital to the Gateway state trail. When we made it to North St. Paul, an area that I think of as far away from home in a CAR, I couldn't believe that we had gone so far. It took roughly 2.5 hours to ride those first 35 miles! 

I was SO excited to take a pic near the lift bridge in Stillwater! We made it! I was so excited for a million little reasons! The first being: I LOVE Stillwater and without a car in the big city, it's hard to get away and go to such a great little town for the day or weekend. Not anymore!! Two: I had never biked that far and it was easier than I thought! Three: FOOD! Wonderful food on the river. 

Seared Yellowfin Tuna and fries! 

Virgin Strawberry Basil mojito! YUMM.

We went to the Dock Cafe for lunch! When we walked in, they said there was a 30 min wait for the water front patio, but when we went to the patio to put our name in not only was there NO wait, he put us at what he called the best table on the patio! It was BEAUTIFUL! 

Relaxing by the water before the ride back! 

We had a coffee, went to the candy store and an antique store before leaving to beat sunset. 

On our way OUT we tackled about 5 large, LONG hills with the wind against us. It was a big challenge and I was inspired by Alyssa's attitude. Instead of trying to take another way out of town, or walking the hills, she said "This is the challenge of our day and when we face it and rock it, then it's flat all the way home and that's our reward."

Rock it we did. I didn't get any pictures of the hills, but I can tell you they were huge and we didn't walk or give up and it was a GREAT feeling. I am glad I didn't give up and I am glad that I believed my friend in that we could ride that far! The ride back took about 3 hours and we got back right at dusk! 

I ended my night with a little pizza, water and a bit of foam rolling! I wasn't very sore this Monday morning and I am glad, because it was a running club morning bright and early! 

Did you have a good Monday?? 
What is the farthest bike trip you have been on?


My Life and Running said...

The furthest I've ridden is about 63 miles... and I'm doing my first Half Ironman this weekend! So awesome you rode it with a friend, those miles must have flown by!

Kerri O said...

You rock. That's amazing! Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend.

LaShaune said...

This is what sucks about living in Houston, TX. Road trips kinda bite because of no scenery. Yeah, I'm jealous.

I think the furthest I've been on my bike (it's been a while) has been maybe 15-20 miles, RT. Not very far. Now I have an awesome new-to-me bike rack so I plan to get in more and longer rides!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Now that sounds like fun! So jealous, here!

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