Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Green Monster Mustache!

Hello! I mustache you a question!! 

Happily working my way through a big 2.5 pound bag of spinach! I had a great big green monster straight outta the blender after my 7 mile repeats this afternoon! 

Glass? I don't need no stinking GLASS!  

Do YOUI have a picture of yourself with a GM mustache?? 
Take one and SEND It and I will post them in the coming week! GO GREEN--Monster that is! (other smoothies and protein powder mixes count too--send me the goo!)

Mile repeats: 
I hate these and I love them at the same time! I had to split them in two tonight, because I had to teach boot camp in the middle. Yowza! Good but hard! I took a 2-3 min rest between each mile and aimed to run them at about a fast 5k pace!

The great outdoors:

Mile 1:  7:36
Mile 2:  7:45
Mile 3:  7:48
Mile 4:  8:25 


On treadmill: 

Mile 5:  8:06
Mile 6:  8:18
Mile 7:  8:45

Road ID and stop watch-CHECK!

I am very happy with this and know that I pushed myself with each mile! 
The last one, Mile 7, I took about 30 seconds in the middle, paused the machine and almost didn't finish. I took the speed down a number of notches and just powered through! 

Have a great day--remember we are always striving to be stronger, faster and kinder today than yesterday, so GO for it! :) 


Anonymous said...

Mary-this is Anon again. You're welcome in reminding you that being centered on others is the better way. Word of the day for you: gongoozler

Definition: an idle spectator, esp. one who stares for a long time at something.

That's what I do on your website.

And the nerdy blogger comment? Glad it made you laugh.

-Anon the Gongoozler

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry about the F-bombs. Forgive my total rudeness and shamelessness.

-Anon the Gongoozler

Mary said...

Anon! Wow, thanks for coming back. The funny thing was, God was working on my about my pride the whole last 3 weeks and the post AFTER my free food one was on that pride. Focus on Christ should be the priorty, but as always, reader comments make me think and yours was a little public YES, to get focus off (what was my sorry, pity party ) & get it together! I have been through some major tests the last month, and am glad that you are out there reading, hopefully getting something from the blog as well. Thanks for coming back, but apparently you lurk out there.. :) Hope you have a GREAT day! Mary

Wendi said...

Wow Mary! You are FAST!!! WTG on the repeats.

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