Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spin launch party!

One of the gyms I train out of had a grand opening party for their new spin studio this past weekend! The owners of the gym and the creator of the G-Werx's machine are wonderful people and have offered me so many opportunities since I have been there--it's such a blessing! 

The spin studio is cutting edge with Johnny G Krank Cycles and Real Ryder spin bikes that move, lean and turn. Talk about a core workout! the space is beautiful and it's really a one stop shop now with personal training, group strength and spin!

 Downtown in the background--Swank!

I am going to quickly address something you guys may not even know happen (some readers do!). I feel like an "official blogger" now as I have received my first very negative, even hostile comment. It took over a year, that surprises me considering how much I talk about my faith! 

Anyway, an Anonymous reader left a comment on my post Free Food Made me Fat, HERE. They reminded me that it was my own lack of self control that was the problem, and then proceeded to say I was a nerdy blogger (which actually made me laugh a few times!), use profanity and call me egocentric. 


Well, I reminded myself that I am lucky I don't get hate comments like that more often, some bloggers really get ragged on about weight loss, body image or even their lifestyle. I mean, a blog is a public site and we are really putting our lives, our thoughts  and our habits out there for scrutiny. 

Where do we draw the line over these kinds of comments? I drew it at the profanity. I deleted the comment containing 2 F-bombs because ( and I know I am FAR from perfect) that really is opposite of who I am and the message I want to send. 

I know it was just the icing on the cake after my really trying week last week, trying to get the best of me and really top bad off with worse, but that is OK! 

Not everyone is going to like me, my blog, the way I write, my beliefs or what I stand for and I get that, I embrace it! I am unique and I fit in a very special niche I believe. We all do. And I think that Anonymous reminded me of something they couldn't have known that would trigger some awful deep thoughts with me. 

I HAD been struggling with pride and self pity--and that looking up egocentrism "I might learn a few things about myself." I saw that I should be looking to Christ more and learning more about HIM, his love, his mercies and his character. Only then will my focus truly come off of self. AH--Anon! Such wisdom and such good timing. 

My struggles last week, the things I am in need of, the things I am striving for and looking for, the Bible tells me to SEEK God first and those things will be added bonuses! Seek him, like that lost 20 bucks in your car, like that kid that wandered off in the market, like that perfect little black dress at the store--SEEK, it's not just looking, it's a driven search--SEEKing. It's what I shifted my mind to this weekend. 

So thanks Anon, for the reminder, thanks to the club for a great party, wonderful food and thanks to all my non Anon readers for your support and kind words...it really means a lot to me! 


My Life and Running said...

I adore your blog. Your voice is refreshing and your path is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, doubts, and successes in your honest manner.

Julie said...

I Love Love Love that you took away something so positive from Nasty Anonymous!!

I love that you shared it, because it was a huge reminder to me as well. Seek God first. Thank you.

Megan said...

I'm surprised that anyone could even find something negative to say about you! You are dealing with it so well -- part of why I love reading your blog.

Looks like an awesome spin studio!!!

teacherwoman said...

I enjoy reading your blog! That looks like an awesome studio!

Sarah (Fat Little Legs) said...

I have only been reading your blog for about 4-5 months...but one thing I easily figured out, you are NOT egocentric. I like your blog and you just the way you are. Stay awesome!

LaShaune said...

For someone to call you egocentric doesn't read your blog - point blank. I'm the queen of letting things roll off my back so I don't really grasp the notion that ppl internalize comments. However, I'm glad you deleted that BS.

Just keep being the Mary your online and offline friends/family have come to know and love.

Karen said...

oooohhh! I love the bikes! I must have missed the crunch and munch post but went back and re-read it. How odd that particular post would draw a negative comment. Ultimately, your log is for you people can choose to read it or not.. I enjoy your insights and am glad you are taking the high road.

The Curvy Life said...

CHICKY! Finally getting around to trying to catch up on blogs! You my doll.. rock! you take things so in fabulous stride... YOU GO GIRL!


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