Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 Miles--postponed!


Oats with peanut butter, pumpkin and a little Blue Agave Sweetner to start my day, but then I got a phone call: It's Icy. REALLY icy. 

I hadn't been outside, but apparently many of those in charge of the group 20 miler this morning couldn't get to their car without slipping and falling. We put it off till noon, hoping a little of the ice would melt away, but alas, it was called off. 

Apparently Minnesota Department of Transportation workers couldn't even get in to work to get out and salt the roads and there were over 300 calls about cars that spun out on one interstate alone.  Thwarted by Ice. 

My hood didn't look too bad, so after the run was cancelled I headed out 3 blocks to grab a coffee and it was like a slip and slide on all the sidewalks. I made it, but I would not have gone for a run, risking injury especially this close to the race.

 I have a few days off near thanksgiving this week and can hammer out a 20 miler somewhere...when I do, I will post my recap! 

SO, my afternoon now includes laundry, mind mapping, memorizing some body pump tracks and getting ready for a GREAT and SHORT work week! 


Jamie said...

Wow! It looks cold. Good luck with your 20-miler another day!

Megan said...

Ice Ice Baby... Awesome! Better to play it safe and not get out in that much ice. Smart thinking of you guys... I know you'll get that 20 in another day!

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