Thursday, November 11, 2010

31 days till my 26.2!!

TODAY is 31 Days till my FIRST Marathon. 

I am excited. 
I have SO much to do yet, including a 16 and 20 miler before I really back it down. 
I am nervous. 
I am thrilled. 
I am inspired and pumped. 
I am running a marathon! 
I am running a marathon! 


In Honolulu! 

Ok, got that out of my system! It's my first, what can I say. :) 

Thoughts on my first marathon: 

I feel ready. I have a 16 miler this weekend and a 20 miler the weekend before Thanksgiving and the race in on December 12th. I felt strong after my 19 and today hammered out a fast and easy 9 miles. (well, the last 6 were fast and easy!) 

I am still nervous. There is no cap on participants, so it will be packed and the start time is 5am to avoid the heat of the day. You know how race day is always a bit nerve wracking. Being rested, prepared, hydrated, awake and getting there early. Luckily I will have the whole Bolder Options Destination Bold team there with me! Either way, when the gun goes off, off I will go! 

The elevation: It is after all a volcanic island! Diamond Head is the most famous volcanic crater in the world and a few days before the race, our team will be hiking it! WOOT!

I am excited. I have learned that I CAN run very far. And although in an earlier post I said that I didn't have a time goal, I kind of do. :) OF COURSE! I am hoping to finish under 4:45:00. It is my first marathon, so I don't know what my body will do despite training. And the course is hilly and the climate, different than where I am training. Still I hope to finish under 4:45:00 and to have FUN doing it. I am SO excited about this race, in fact, that I am plotting for 2011 marathons already! 

I will be there for five days total, attending the EXPO, a traditional Luau pre race dinner, doing some sight seeing like Diamond Head and having a few days free on my own. One of which I am determined to try SURFING! 

Waikiki Beach Services offers Surf lessons alone or with a group! I have always wanted to try this despite some other reservations about water. I am SO excited to at least give it a GO for one will probably be the day after the marathon, so we will see if I can even stand!! 

After my 9 miles today: pretty in pink!

All in all, I love the feeling of accomplishing long runs, or medium training runs that went well. I think that so much of my performance is in my head--Do you feel that way? Today on my 9 mile training run, I told myself that "My legs do what I TELL them to do", and picked up my pace. I have to overcome the obstacle in my head first before I can overcome it with my body, if we can do that then we can get past anything. 

Where is the farthest away that you have ran a race?? 


Becky said...

I haven't run the race yet, but I am traveling to Florida with a bunch of friends/coworkers to run a relay race! We are leaving cold Utah to fly to sunny beaches, although I would much prefer Hawaii! What a perfect location for a marathon!

Good luck!!

Nora said...

I ran a 5k in New Zealand on 1/1/2000 with my best friend, and my dad did the marathon.

teacherwoman said...

I am so excited for you!

Kristi said...

Oh I am so jealous of you going to Hawaii! We are going in March, and I love it. Just hearing you talk about Diamond Head.. it makes me want to be there right now!

Sabrina said...

I spent a month on Oahu during February. My friend had to have surgery and her husband was deployed. You will enjoy your time, for sure! The weather is surprisingly pleasant, but it does get warm. There is so much to see and do, I don't even know how you will contain yourself. I feel like the month I had wasn't enough. I will be thinking about you! Good luck!

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