Monday, November 15, 2010

Clean up...Aisle LIFE!

I need to clean up my diet. Period.

Here's the problem foods:

breads(muffins, scones,etc), convenient foods(processed or subs etc.), frozen dinners.


Not always bad when they stand alone, every now and again. I mean who hasn't had a smart one when your in a bind, a subway sandwich, or a muffin as a treat (the breakfast pastries get me) but daily and as your standard?? Bad news.  

My problems:

Preparation: Not having TIME to prepare healthy meals, starts with not having time to go grocery shopping.  What kind of LAME excuse is that? I can't take one HOUR a week to go to the store? There are THREE within 2 miles of me, all walking and biking distance and on the bus route.

I just need to make it a priority and schedule it like I would anything else important. AND I need to meal plan at least 5 meals between Lunches and dinners, knowing it will make about 10-12.  M
inus breakfasts, I'm set.  PLUS I can always order groceries online IF I really am in a bind and it's midnight and I am not going to hoof it to the store.

Money: I think we have ALL told ourselves that it's expensive to grocery shop. And sometimes that's true. I can't go to my co-op every week for all my food, it's not with in my means, but I can hit up the regular grocery store and go to the co-op for special things: cheese, meats, organic treats. In the long run, buying a frozen meal, DAILY for lunch or grabbing a sub, IS more expensive. They add up faster with no leftovers at all.
The Money is not an issue, and if I stopped using it as one, I would see planning is cheaper. Besides, that money is going somewhere (coffee), but where?(coffee)?

Habit: Just like getting up early, just like getting to the gym, doing the dishes (what's that?) planning and shopping needs to be a habit that we practice. Pick a day of the week--I pick...Thursday, because I don't start work till late and I can beat all the grocery store crowds when I go at 11am. EVERY Thursday, I take my plastic totes and go to the store. 

I can spend the afternoon prepping food, even making a meal or two to freeze for the week ahead, then my weekend is free to enjoy and my food is set. I have SO many good habits already in place, I am active and I often DO eat good. If I really cleaned up my diet, worked on eating less processed and convenience foods, I know I would feel better, probably trim up more and may improve performance through better fueling.

Can you relate? Anyone out there hearing me, or starting over as MUCH as I am? If your a regular blog reader, you know I struggle with this, I need to just prioritize, make it a habit and stop making money excuses. I know I can succeed!


Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

As part of my new year's resolution for 2010 I committed to eating out less, and making more wholesome "homemade" meals. I think I have done pretty well. One thing I do is I'll make something like enchiladas, and there are only 3 of us... and 1 of us is only 3 years old and doesn't eat much, so I will divide it into 2 dishes and freeze one. This has helped me a ton. Good luck!

Sabrina said...

Lucky for me I am a single lady who only cooks for one. I don't go out to eat very often, maybe once a month. If friends want to go out I try to talk them into dinner parties at my house where I get to do the cooking. I would say 80% of my diet is whole foods. I love how I feel when I am eating clean. It is expensive, but I have made it a priority for myself.

LaShaune said...

I'm right there with you, Mary. I finally nixed the frozen meals (except the butternut squash ravioli - yum yum) and still purchase steam in bag veggies. I usually purchase a cooked chicken from the market to have all week. And since the weather has turned cold, my crock pot is finally getting some use.

One good way to cut down on cost is buy grains in bulk and search the net for store coupons. You can even search Target's website for their own coupons plus others.

And for special items which rarely have coupons, I go directly to those product sites and sign up for e-mails. You'll normally get 1 or 2 coupons a month.

Carly said...

I need the clean up too. I am getting better about bringing my lunch but I fail on the prep. I need to make it priority.

Megan said...

We've found that writing our grocery list and meal plan for the week at the same time really helps us. It took some getting used to, but now I can't imagine it any other way. It makes evenings so much easier when we already have a defined plan of what to serve. Writing up the plan also helps me to see before I shop that I'm getting in a good variety of foods for my whole family.

Good luck!

Alyssa said...

I hear you girl! My bad habit? Expensive coffee drinks! You know that I love coffee just as much as you do! I often times think to myself, do I really need to have this $4 coffee everyday?!! NO! I have times where I get on good streaks and I make myself coffee every morning with a fancy creamer. I will treat myself to a fancy coffee drink once a week. However, like you I fall off the bandwagon sometimes and I slip into old habits. Lately that's been the case. I need to shape it up with Mary!! Oh, as a suggestion Mary, there is a really good site you can follow about this. This is a budgeting website but they have message boards you can belong to which discuss various subjects. I belong to one called Frugal Foodies. They have discussions on organic vs. non-organic produce, ways to save money on food, etc. You should check it out! :) The site is :)

Wendi said...

Mary I can totally relate on every level! I will keep you in my thoughts, and if you still want to get together we can talk too!

Catey said...

Funny-I just posted about this today too! :)
I am in the midst of a diet, workout, and life in general clean out. Feels good!!

My Life and Running said...

That is tough. When I worked I was the queen of frozen microwave lunches. Or I'd buy a bunch of veggies, never get around to cutting them up, and let them go to waste as I chose the "quick" box of crackers to munch on. Can you give yourself steps? Like... "this week, I'm taking two hours. Market & veggie chopping." Then next week, two hours, then one homecooked meal (that you can double up and freeze half?). And so on, so on.

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