Friday, November 26, 2010

Costco & smart shopping tips

I have a Costco membership. It's true. 
ACTUALLY what's true is that my Dad put me on his--thanks Dad! 

Costco MAY be my new favorite place. Not only are their cheap, fresh groceries, but I walked in, got a slice of pizza the size of my head so I wouldn't buy out of hunger and it was $2.00!

Here I am in my weird, retro knit cap that I LOVE.  I am excited to go see the produce and trail mix. It's my idea of a FUN night... 

I'm a single gal, I can't eat a 45 ounce tub of ranch dressing in a week, or a rack of lamb for Sunday brunch, so I always wrote off Costco as a place that I could shop. Well, guess again. I didn't get a lot of things, but what I got will last me and I will use. 
Check these deals: 
$10.00 for 50+ packets of instant oatmeal. That is over a months worth of no brainer breakfasts to be had. I need that kind of help with planning! 

But all in all, here is what I came home with: 
1 pound of baby spinach
18 pack of Thomas Multi-grain english muffins
1 Bunch Banana's
 26 ounces MaraNatha Almond Butter
3lb bag of Fruit and nut mix

Hefty fruit and nut mix I may add--it's impressive AND YUMMY! 

SINGLE Person shopping tips at Mega-stores:

1) Buy things you can freeze-I can freeze the spinach and the english muffins for later use! More than one serving and still saving money. 

2) Buy items that have more than one use. I can have spinach salads, use it in green monsters too. I can use the butter and banana's in green monsters too or put them on the english muffins. The fruit and nut mix can be a snack or on yogurt for breakfast. Multiple uses for all the items!

3) Buy generally and only what you like: for instance, I put a 3lb bag of pears back since I had the banana's. Chances are I couldn't have polished off both items before they went bad, so I chose one "general" fruit. One that I know I like and will eat daily. 

4) Bring a friend. You can buy together and split up all the food halfsy's when you get home and have them pay you cash. You both get a deal and you still both get a lot of food. Plus shopping with a friend is always fun!  

5) Don't go hungry! This is a good rule for any food shopping experience, but at a Costco, an impulse buy will cost you 10-15 dollars so be careful! 

Do you shop at a Mega-store like Costco? What do you like about it? DON'T forget to sign up today for the Holiday Challenge, it's the last day! 


Dr. TriRunner said...

I shop at Costco weekly! My mom and I share a family membership, and there are some things we might share, but mostly I'm shopping for just myself.

Other "regulars" on my Costco list are:
Naked Nuggets (chicken - frozen)
chicken breasts (freeze half right away!)
beef jerky (hahah!)
a rotisserie chicken (when I don't feel like cooking!)
baby peppers
snap peas

Some things I *don't* buy at CC because they're not actually cheaper: paper towels & toilet paper! You think you've GOT to be getting a good deal because it's such a big bunch. Nope!

Quarter Life Runner said...

I love following your blog because it really motivates me, so thanks! I got my first membership to BJs store about 2 years ago and love it! There is a costco and a BJs the same distance drive so i did a lot of research first. i settled on BJs because you can use your own rewards credit card there not just the store's credit card. My favorite thing about BJs is the coupon booklets that they mail out. I stock up on toiletries there with the coupons. Also you can use regular copuons from the sunday paper at BJs. if something is shrink wrapped together (like two bottles of shaving gel) then you can use TWO coupons from the sunday paper. if it is boxed together (like two bags of cereal in one cereal box) then you can use one coupon. Thanks for all your posts! I love reading your blog! - jo

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