Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Milage and training

Hello, hello! From Minnesota where it's near 70's in November and I am LOVING it!! 

Monday's through Wednesday's are proving to be very busy days for me, I was at work today from 9 to 9 with a 2.5 hour break in there where I ran and got my new camera and went for a 5 mile tempo run!! 

I will be breaking the camera out and breaking it in tomorrow with a little food fun for you as I am going to post a new crockpot recipe!! 

NEW Camera... ooooo.... !
Cannon Powershot SD1400 IS!

(boo old broken camera)

After my big, 19 miler this weekend, that 5 miles tonight seems like chump change! I really loved it, I pushed myself to a 5k pace or faster the middle 3 miles of the run, it's a perfect course 1.25 down to the lake, three around and then back to work! 

So here I am, tired after a long day including teaching kettlebells, bootcamp, working, training and going on a tempo run! This is me flashing the FIVE for you on my old camera, tomorrow I will have all new pictures from the golden camera of joy and love! 

I have been a runner for years- starting in high school, but it hasn't been until this last year or two that I have really gotten into doing longer races and really understanding milage! 

One of my goals this year was to track my milage and possibly run 900, I did NOT track it and probably did not come close to my goal, but that is ok. I am fine with how my big goals panned out for 2010.

I am learning that there is an art to increasing milage, that to do it safely, you can increase 10% per week! Everyone is different and our bodies all react differently to running and upping miles, so if 10% isn't cutting it, try a mile or two. If you are running high miles, chances are you can increase a few miles at a time which is often more than 10%. The key is to listen to your body and know what it can handle. 

You can also alternate hard/easy and long/short runs between increasing miles. Also, you can take a rest week, I am learning in Marathon training that's our taper. Next week is a taper for me, we are cutting back to 16 again before we hit that ever so coveted 20 mile training run. Give your body a week to cut back and rest, it will thank you and it will adapt! 

Also, mid week miles should be close to the weekend run you are doing. So if your long run on the weekend is 10, your milage during the week should total close to that.  But make sure that you are using those miles to train for your specific race. You will excel at what you practice, so if you are training for a smokin' 5k, going on two hour long runs will not propel you to your goal. Train specifically for your race and you will succeed!

What is your favorite distance??
What distance are you hoping to achieve someday?? 


Miz said...

in all seriousness a mile.
Im hoping to get back into the run.

xo xo


Megan said...

Love your high school picture! I should dig up some of mine -- looks like we had the same glasses!

I ran the 1 and 2 mile races in high school. I remember when my coach told me she thought I would do better at even longer distances. I snorted. Why would I want to run farther!?! Yet here I am, doing it routinely.

My favorite distance is probably 5K, but I have run almost every distance up to half marathon. I would love to run a full marathon some day, but it might not be until the girls are older and I can find the time to train for it. I don't know how those other mamas pull it off! Training for 13.1 was hard enough!

Alexa said...

What a cute picture of you!! I love it!

Also, your arms are looking super toned, I can tell you're working out like a maniac!

LaShaune said...

I love the photos - super cute.

I am just trying to finish the C25K training. I was stuck on Wk 3 for 3 weeks. Finally said forget Week 3 and went to Week 4.

One day, I will make it to Week 6.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for giving us all the information and inspiration. I have actually begun to train for my first 5K run. It happens the February. YIKES!! I have really enjoyed reading our blog. Good luck in Hawaii!

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