Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stages of becoming a normal eater

Happy Tuesday! 

What a great week to talk about NORMAL eating!! With thanksgiving on Thursday, black Friday (stress shopping at it's finest) and Christmas already pumping through the air waves and waving from the grocery store isles--eating normal is of HUGE importance! 

I have had this list of stages for YEARS, ever since I went through Weight Watchers. I don't know where I got it...anyone else ever seen this? If you know where it comes from, let me know. 

I agree with most of the stages.  There have only been a few times that I feel they were all simultaneously true. Mostly I feel like a few are true here and there, in my life and all that as I journey on, it becomes more often. I think that these last few stages of normal eating habits will be something that I personally will always come back to, reexamine my own habits and change focus back to.    

Stages of Becoming a normal Eater: 

1) You distinguish between physical and emotional hunger and start making appropriate matches. 

2) You begin to get in touch with your feelings and begin to honor them.

3) You learn to stop eating at satisfaction rather than full, and you feel light at the end of a meal. 

4) You no longer deprive yourself of any food, and you experience more pleasure and satisfaction with eating than ever before. 

5) Your life begins to change dramatically and this may feel very chaotic and upsetting.  You may eat to help cope. You may gain some weight, temporarily, before you lose weight permanently. 

6) You learn to judge yourself less and less, and you learn how to encourage and support yourself more and more. 

7) You notice that you spend a lot less time thinking about food. You are learning to trust your body. 

8) Because you are listening and honoring your feelings, and listening to and honoring your body, you are eating less and less frequently for emotional reasons. This is a gradual change. 

9) Your body begins to shrink, mostly when you aren't looking. One day you notice your clothes are all loose. This happens fastest when your focus is on listening to and trusting your body and yourself rather than when your focus is on weight loss. 

10) One day you realize that your body has stabilized. You can eat exactly what you want when you are hungry and your weight fluctuates only slightly. You look & feel and hardly ever think about food except when your body is hungry. 

Can you relate to these stages of normal eating? Any in particular or all of them? Do you feel like you will reach all 10 stages and be set--or have to revisit like I do? 

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Kristi said...

I don't think I'm at any of these stages yet, but I'm headed there. It might be a slow process, but I can't wait. I can't wait to be able to eat something and not feel guilt.

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