Sunday, November 21, 2010

Treadmill long runs and SHOES

WOW--hope your Friday & Saturday were as GREAT as mine were! 
This morning I had a trainer meet up with Xavier, a local trainer I have been talking a little with. We got together to do a little networking and idea sharing.  It was great to pick his brain and I am even going to get a few training sessions from him--totally will update on it! A lot of personal trainers have others they work with I am excited to give it a shot!

Thursday at work, I put in 10 miles on the treadmill and it went well! The treadmill unfortunately doesn't GO longer than 60 min, so I found myself slowing down, trying to see how far I had left and resetting the machine as fast as I could. It was kind of funny!  

TODAY I am on my longest run for training: 

It feels unreal, but I am treating it like race day, good nights sleep, good breakfast, up early all ready to go. BUT this 20 miles is in 20-30 degree weather with freezing rain. Hello, Minnesota winter!  I have 2 running pants laid out smart wool shirt, SW socks, tank, gloves, a wind jacket, an ear warmer, face mask, knee braces, fuel belt and shoes. 

The forecast: 

The Shoes: 

My new nike free's are brilliant shoes, I intended to do a review on them, but fell short on time. What I CAN say, is that in the process of marathon training, not all shoes will cut it for all distances. Once I hit over 16 or so with these, the swelling (most likely) in my feet makes my toes press to hard into the tip of the shoe. On any less milage, the shoe feels great. 

SOLUTION: I have a 7.5 which is a half size bigger on hold at a store and I will get it tomorrow, wear them for the remainder of the taper runs and race in them. Tomorrow, I am wearing my trusty Nike Free trainers which I wore for my most recent half and love. I reviewed THOSE shoes here

I will post ALL about the pink Nike Free's and the NEW, half size larger free's this coming week with my 20 Mile recap. 

Have you noted a shoe that fits one distance, but doesn't cut it for another? Some people alternate shoes, do you? 

Wish me warmth!! 


teacherwoman said...

GOod luck on your 20-miler. I heard about the freezing rain in the cities last night. I think it took my sister and brother-in-law over two hours to get home when it should have only been a half our or so... lots of cars flipped over and in the ditch. Hello MN winter weather!

My Life and Running said...

Wow, bless you for getting out and running those chilly 20! What kind of running pants do you use in the cold?

Mary said...

Well, I love lucy pants. I have a pair of running tights from Target and then I put my Lucy cardio pants over the top and just last night bought a pair of work out tights/pants from Aerie that are wicking, so I am excited to try them. Usually even with layers on my legs, in the really cold MN winter, they still get cold and sometimes numb, but you don't really notice. As long as my core and feet are warm, it's all good!

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