Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Races & Ambition!

After running my first marathon, I got the marathon itch. I LOVED the race. I wanted to do it again. So for this coming year, I am going to plot out some really ambitious races and see just how much I can do! (and by do, I mean afford!)

2011 Races

January: indoor track races! January 2nd, January 16th through Charities Challenge! Short distances and working on my speed!
May Med City Marathon - In Rochester, MN, my home town territory!
June  Hmmm... TBD
August: Ragnar relay-looking for a team! 
September: TBD
October:  Twin Cities Marathon- SO excited to do this for the first time! 
Nov   TBD
Dec TBD 

Do you plan out your races/race schedule for the coming year??


Sabrina said...

You are going to have a wonderful race year in 2011! I already love running but once I graduate from C25K I am sure I will plan out all my races too! Can't wait!

Ann said...

Mary!!! We are doing a lot of the same races!! Get in gear, challenge obesity, red white and boom, and tc marathon (but the 10 mile for me). I'm so nervous for the red white and boom half!!!! but I'm happy to know you'll be doing those, too!!! Yayyyy!!!!

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

I'm thinking of doing the Get in Gear 10k... I've never done a 10K yet and I need something to keep my training going and my motivation up over the winter.

Kim H. said...

January-Rock n Roll Half
February-Ragnar Del Sol
March- tri tbd
April-Warrior Dash AZ
July-Warrior Dash MN
August-October-tbd at least one tri Olympic or 70.3
November-Women's half

Becky said...

I'm running my first Ragnar Relay this January. I'm so excited! I hear they are a blast. It sounds like you have some wonderful challenges planned for yourself!

Mary said...

Yay!! Anyone out there wanting to train for the Get in Gear, we could pick a night to run around the lakes and train--no matter the speed you are at!! Email me mary@fitthisgirl.com!!

Alexa said...

Nice Mary!! Come spring we'll have to meet up for "runs" in the morning before work again. You'll still run faster than me, but at least I'll have someone to keep me accountable to meet up with in the AM.

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