Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 keys to maintaining!!

This movie made me cry: The Blind Side. I have only seen it twice, but I would see it again. It makes me want to have a big house so I can open it up. Again, football, but there is something inspirational at the core of sports, competition and the human spirit put to the test. A MUST watch. Have you?

Let's talk maintaining!! Making sure we don't lose sight of our goals over the holidays can be a challenge. Whether you are out to  maintain or even lose (yes it can be done!) by just following a few keys, you can set yourself up for success and hit your holiday goals!

Enlist a friend - keep accountable with a friend! Enlist them in holiday challenges like my Don't Gain, Maintain! Set gym dates, walking dates at the mall or send email updates on your daily water intake or near misses with office snacks!

Set realistic goals- make sure that you don't feel so restricted that you fall off the wagon later or worse yet-don't enjoy the holidays! Set realistic goals that you know you can reach and keep. Only once at the treat table at Grandma's, Make your cocoa with skim milk, eat a side salad instead of a side of stuffing...make it real and make it fun. 

Raise a glass - don't forget about water! In the winter we are more apt to NOT drink as much as we need. Get your daily dose in, drink a glass before your meal out or before you go to the party. Alternate cocktails with a glass of water and you will fill up with out adding calories!

Out with the old- create a new tradition! Instead of plopping down for a game or movie after a big meal--go for a walk, find a hill and go sledding or get out and build a snowman! Replace the OLD traditions with new, more active ways to celebrate!

There's always more- remember there is always more ...food...drinks...coookies...fill in the blank! Don't create a sense of URGENCY around food during the holidays, there will be more tomorrow and the next day, so relax & enjoy your self!

Tomorrow is back to regular scheduled blogging and programming ie: work, life. Do you get the Post vacay blues? 


Kerri O said...

I still haven't seen the blindside! I bought it for my mom for Christmas though, so I'll get to watch it then, lol. I look forward to trying my hand at maintenance...great advice.

My Life and Running said...

Congrats on your awesome marathon time!! Can't wait to hear the details! I don't always get post-vacay blues, but do get post-race blues. Hope you soar above both!

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