Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas cheer & cold weather running!

Happy Monday! Thank you so much for all your comments and your love 
 on my marathon recap post!
It took me almost as long to write it as some people to run it. 

This weekend I went back into good 'ole fashioned Minnesota winter running! Complete with my creepy face mask that I do love as it keeps the wind off my face! 
I ran 7 nice easy miles with Laurianna and her friend KG! It was a cold morning, but it was good to get out with friends and get some miles under my belt, I hadn't run since the marathon! 

I had grand plans this weekend to do SO much on my to do list and it seems that I started everything I wanted to and finished nothing! So my apartment is in shambles with laundry, Christmas decor, vision board scraps, items I am gathering for donation and work projects! Oy vey! 

I DID bust out some Christmas cheer: in the form of evergreen cuttings from the co-op. This year I am not putting up my little fake tree, but wanted to have some evergreen essence and smell--it fills the whole living room and it looks festive too! 

A little pink glowing garland for my place too and that's it for me this year! 

Lauriana however, went all out for her holiday party that I went to, it was great! The tree was beautiful, the food amazing and La was a great host! 

Christmas TIPS:
All week, I am going to post something special or unique that we can do to celebrate the holidays in a new and different light! This year feels very different for me already. I am not giving gifts other than small tokens I brought family from Hawaii and I only have Christmas eve and Christmas day off.  SO I am taking all week to celebrate in little ways and will share those with you.  

Tip 1: Generosity has been on my mind heavy lately so I am going to bake something special for someone I know needs to feel the human touch or needs to have generosity made real to them. Find someone to be generous to and give from your heart. 


Shannon said...

It's good to have you back, Mary--just in time for another snowstorm, ha! ;) I am still struggling with the Don't Gain Maintain challenge! I think when I weighed in during Thanksgiving week my weight was unusually low. Or, um, rather, I think I've been eating too many Xmas cookies. :( I've gained 3 lbs. and have been unable to show the restraint necessary to lose them again. Sad! (Baking multiple holiday treats with my adorable two little daughters does not help--but it's fun!) Any motivational tips???

La- @ The Curvy Life said...

MARY! I love you sweetie! Thanks for coming to the party... my tree looks awesome in your photo!! LOL I am so glad you were able to come spend some time! And that run was so awesome! I So needed that!

Thanks! I love to read your blog and keep up what is going on.


jscottalexander said...

Fantastic tip. So, so true. You're wonderful, Mar. This tip is truly following in the theme of all that Christmas is to mankind. A generous gift of grace and mercy given out of love. (Jn 3:16)

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