Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fitness Bucket List: UPDATED

Christmas is SO close!  I don't know if I am ready, but this year will be mellow for sure. How about you guys?? Done with your shopping, baking, trimming and ready to celebrate?? 

I feel this year, like focusing more and more on where I am heading in the coming year and years. A celebration of birth and new birth to new life--looking ahead in celebration!!  

One thing I was SO looking forward to celebrating was crossing my Destination Marathon off my Bucket List! I HAD to wait till I crossed that finish line, but I did, you can read my FULL recap here

 My bucket list was something that I thought I would be working on for a while! But at the rate I am going, I may have to reevaluate next year!! 

When I went to cross off, It appears as if I can cross of TWO items: 
1) Being a trainer and coach to help others & 
2) Do a Destination Marathon

TRI a triathalon is still there, still staring at me. 

Do Yoga on the Beach some place tropical COULD have been crossed off on this list, as a matter of fact, a number of us met up one morning to try and do Yoga on Waikiki, but it was an early morning rain, so we just hit up the fitness center in the hotel. SO, that one is still up for grabs too. No worries, that just means another tropical trip! 

A HUGE thank you to The Singing Runner who was my blogger gift exchange partner hosted by Tina at Faith, Fitness, fun! 

A tupperware full of White chocolate swirl holiday bark, it is Ah-Mazing!

And, a precious necklace-PINK-with a 26.2 charm, a bead and a shoe with a pink swoosh. It was beyond appropriate and wonderful, it was a SPOT ON gift!! Thank you SO much, it was SO much fun to do this and to send a gift and receive one too--AND meet new bloggers. What a wonderful treat! Thank you again!! 

Christmas TIPS: All week I am offering little tidbits to focus more on the simple joy and truth of the holiday! 

Tip 4: Read the book of Luke chapter two, out loud as a family or at your party, after dinner, under the tree etc... It's SHORT and it's the greatest story in the world. No tradition, carol, party or gift can take the place of that amazing event! It is the heart of the holiday.  


Wendi said...

Mary, I'd like to tri a tri this year as well! If you'd like a training partner, I would be glad to join you!!

Chubby McGee said...

I love your bucket list! It's filled with realistic, healthy, and attainable goals. Good work! I can't wait to see you tackle them all: and you will. *hugs*

Tricia said...

love your list

and yippeee for checking it off!

sunflowerramos said...

I was able to check off something my bucket list:
finish a half marathon
I did it....not the best time but I did it.
I would love to do a tri but I am scared of the open water and I rather do the water portion in the pool!
I have the bike, the shoes and outfit for swimming. Now I need to find the time for training!

Ann said...

You should do the St. Paul tri on August 1st. I'll be the biggest, loudest cheerleader there!! :)

Katy (The Singing Runner) said...

So glad that you received your gift!!! :) I'm happy that you liked it! :) Congratulations again on completing your first marathon! I look forward to reading more!

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