Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hawaii in photo's

waikiki Beach

the outrigger reef catamaran

Manoa falls hike

Bolder out for sushi

Kailua Beach Park

Halona Beach Cove- From here to Eternity Kiss was shot on that beach!

Diamond Head

Waikiki from diamond head

Snorkling in waikiki

the royal hawaiian

The Outrigger Reef-our hotel!

Last night, sunsets, beach, tiki torches... 

Where has been your favorite vacation spot?? 

Christmas TIPS:
This year I want to really remember the reason for the season. Advent means coming, so we are looking ahead to the coming return of Christ. His coming for us will be so different than when he was ushered into humanity in a poor family, born in a barn and raised as a carpenter-- a working class man. All that for a reason, all that so he could walk in our shoes, know our sorrow and take our place. 

A NEW kind of christmas tree: 

A plain branch- the cross he bore
Star- he's the bright and morning star
Bread- he is life and sustains us
Crown- eternal king
Candle- he is the light of the world
Dove- the bringer of PEACE to our hearts

1 comment:

Sal said...

My gosh, Mar, it looks like an INCREDIBLE time!

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