Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hawaii Update!

79 and SUNNY! We arrived in Honolulu yesterday and it is much more than I expected. It is MORE beautiful, WARMER, more fragrant and more amazing that I anticipated. Needless to say, I haven't been too worried about getting a lot of sleep!

YES, I actaully got a LEI!! It was SO beautiful and fragrant, I am saving it as long as I can!
The first night, we had a reception with drinks and appetizers, this is off the hotel balcony overlooking Waikiki beach--beautiful! A few of us frolicked in the water after this...I am at the beach every chance I get, I love it.


Bright and early this morning at 6am we were up and running! The streets of Honolulu were FILLED with marathoners out running--it was an inspiring and amazing sight--the city, at least by Waikiki where we are staying was JUMPIN' at 6am! We went three miles and it was HOT. Excellent mental preparation though--official race start is 5am sharp, it will be an early morning.

After our early morning run, I spent a little more than an HOUR hanging at the beach--it was a very inspiring experience, the sun was coming over the large hill at the end of Waikiki beach and I was walking along the surf with my socks and shoes off, in-joying the sand in my toes, the warm water and a starbucks coffee.

I wrote some messages in the sand and wanted to send you an official island greeting: ALOHA!

The group went hiking today and to Manoa Falls --here is the marathon group--all of whom raised money same I did for Bolder Options!

I will update again SOON and then of couse race day!

HOW is everyone doing?? I am loving all the comments on facebook!! Blessings!


La @ The Curvy Life said...

YAY! I am so excited for you! You are missing COLD COLD COLD Jan like weather coming up! (or should I say not missing it at all!)

Hugs and prayers for an awesome race experience!


Sabrina said...

Put your Lei in the freezer if you can! It will preserve it! Mine stayed nice and fresh for almost 30 days! Have fun!

Shannon said...

GOOD LUCK MARY! My thoughts and prayers are with you, all the way from snowy MN where we are supposed to get a WINTER STORM tonight all through Saturday!

Megan said...

Looking good, Mary! So excited to hear about the awesome time you're having. Good luck in the big race. Remember we're all cheering you on!!!

Danielle A. said...

Good Luck, Mary! Looks like you're having a blast. Can't wait to hear all about how your race goes - you've picked the perfect place for your first Marathon. :)

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