Friday, December 31, 2010

Maintaining, no more clutter and NYE update!

Ok readers, challenge takers and general healthy people!! We have until January 6th to weigh in for our second time and complete the Don't Gain, Maintain Challenge!!

  • Drink your water!
  • Make your workouts!
  • Remember--there will ALWAYS be more food! 
  • Opt for healthy meals at parties and out to eat-you can find them! 
  • Enjoy your new year and know that we always are on our journey!

ALSO--DO weigh in by the 6th, you do not have to have maintained to win, but you do have to log your weigh in for accountability!! EVERYONE who tracks both WI's will be eligible for the prizes!! 

A case of 12 Chobani greek yogurt--either their Club pack: strawberry, Blueberry and Peach or a case (12) of your favorite flavor!  Thanks Chobani for helping us maintain AND eat great tasting treats!

And a one year subscription to Fitness magazine-- that's 12 months of new, fresh and FUN workout idea's and tips to help us stay active and accountable for all of 2011!! 

Rememeber last year when I did the great purge of 2010?? Is ure do, I have been doing them every year for my whole life!! 

I am finally in a place in my apartment where I feel comfortable with the amount of things I have! This has not been the case, nearly my whole life. I am SO happy! There are a few area's where I still need to clean up a little bit (another sweep through the closet--do I NEED my fondue pots? ALL FIVE? things like that...)

My front closet, after and before: a little backwards, but looks great. 

Round one of all the clutter that I sent out the door. There was more after this and more to come. It was a great feat for me to SIMPLY donate it and not save it for a garage sale or hold on to it and post on craigslist. It was liberating to just MOVE it out!! 

Do you to an annual purge? Spring Cleaning or making hubs tackle the basement once a year or do you do damage control year round?? 

OH! Happy New Years Eve! Outfit #1 won out, pretty much by a landslide! I will post pics of the night (if I can) next year.... Celebrate and be SAFE!! Hugs to all my amazing readers!


Ann said...

Congrats on the clean space, and happy 2011!!

Dr. TriRunner said...

I'm definitely working on *cleaning out*!! Nothing makes you see how much STUFF you have like moving houses, and MAN it's bad. Yard sale this summer!!

Kristi said...

Oh that's one of my goals for the year to declutter my house. I seem to go in spurts. Right now with Christmas decorations going away and Christmas presents being put away I've been getting rid of things as I go.

Shannon said...

I will weigh back in, but I'm waiting till the very last second! ;) I need until the 6th to try to rectify my holiday indulgences!

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