Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make every run Great!

Is every run we run great? 


But we can strive to make them great! And little by little the more we practice striving for greatness, the more we will see it. I have never broke the tape at a race, but I have had runs and even races where I felt like I could have or did in my mind! Here are a few tips that can help us feel better about our performance and about ourselves by taking pride in and practicing greatness in the run. 

Power up hills: keep your head and chest up to allow your breathing to be free, tackle the hill, any hill, big or small and you will find power you didn't know you had and pride in the challenge.

Use your arms: Good running form can affect your over all performance and that form includes your arms. The more you engage your arms and allow them to help drive you, the faster you will be able to go and the easier. Your arms help drive your legs when you have hit fatigue. Don't let your arms cross your chest and keep your fists from clenching, you want to focus that energy into your run. 

Do something extra: Run an extra block, an extra mile or sprint your last 100 yards. Do something to push yourself and challenge your run even if just a little. The more you go the extra mile, the less it seems like extra and before you know it, you have improved, sped up and gotten that much better.

Do the work: Don't neglect your nutrition when training, it's part of doing the work. Drink the right amount of water before you run and eat for recovery when it's over. With the proper care and fuel, you can  be better, faster and stronger on your next run and in every run! 

Run your Race: Compete against yourself, your times, a goal YOU set. Don't worry about others, don't worry about a bad day or the weather. Your race is where your legs take you and where your mind allows them to go THAT day. Be in the moment, run your race and know that the journey IS the destination.

Christmas TIPS:

Tip 2: JOY is something that people tend to forgo in the holiday season. They are lost in the hustle and the bustle and the hurried obligations that crowd out the joy of being. To really be in the moment and find JOY in that moment, every moment, is an experience that most people would pay to have.  

How do we point others to real Joy? Joy's arena is the heart & the hope that lives there for our future. I am going to take today to leave notes of hope and Joy for others whereever I go,  to saturate my city with the joy of being here now and looking with hope, to what is ahead.  

What JOY do you spread during the season? What about EVERY season?

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Megan said...

Mary, I loved your running tips, and they were so affirming as I try to do many of them already. When I'm out for a run and turn that last corner down my street, I sprint the last 2 blocks to my driveway! I try to pretend I'm getting chased by my high school running nemisis. :) My arm form has greatly improved over the years, too, so this is a good reminder for those that don't think of it.

Have a great day!

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