Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social Media, free hugs and reality...

Well, I am home from my marathon trip and I am still processing everything that happened as well as the race itself, so those recaps will come later this week and/or weekend. It's a huge event and I am still in the throws of coming home, getting used to reality again while wrapping my mind around the experience. 

The day before I left, Ryan from I Am MN Nice did the nicest thing! He hand delivered an I Am MN Nice tee for me so I could wear it the day I flew in to Hawaii!

It was fantastic--with the purchase of a tee, you had it hand delivered and got a FREE HUG. Who does that?? Minnesotan's that's who!!  We <3 being nice! So, I was sporting my I am MN nice tee when I landed in the friendly islands--Aloha! I met Ryan on Twitter when I saw a friend retweet that they were buying a tee that day! One tweet his way @IamMNnice and I had my own tee on the way. The power of social media to connect worldwide and in your own city! FREEE HUGSS! Need I say more?

At the airport in the shirt--fresh- it matches the Lei! 

My reality as it was for 5 days: 

My reality as I came back to 18 inches of snow: 

(get it, it's all white. Since there is SO much snow.)
ACTUALLY, in protest to the 77 degree difference between Waikiki and Minneapolis, I am declaring the remainder of this week Bikini week--wear 'em at home, under your clothes at work etc. Protest I say, protest! 


MizFit said...

CONGRATS and welcome home.
it's cold here (for here) I cant imagine there! :)

Ann said...

Oh my gosh, I have been thinking about you all week!!! I can't wait to hear about how the marathon went, and I am really looking forward to getting coffee soon!!!?!?!! Tweet me!! Minnesota_Ann - let's set something up!!! :) Congrats again on the accomplishment of the marathon, you are AWESOME!!!!

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