Tuesday, December 28, 2010

VOTE for my NYE outfit!

Complete and utter non-fitness, non-health related post! 
What Should I wear?? 

Over Christmas it was concluded that I have a pretty horrendous style! It's actually kind of true and I don't mind. Part of it is who I am, part of it is that I wear things that SEEM like a good idea, a style that you may say, oh that is SO cool (or retro, 80's, outlandish, edgy etc) but wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside of playing dress up at the thrift store. 

Me? I buy it and wear it. It results in some of the purchases shown below: 

I love this shirt, but really? One shoulder leopard print? Sheesh. 

I do not have this sweatshirt anymore, but wore it NOT for dress up often. 

Sequin vest and top hat? You bet.

This was my birthday and it was NOT a costume party. 

This was a dress up party, but I wear this one piece SHORTS suit otherwise too. Aloha! 

Need I say more? Pink fanny packs with green polish? Oy Vey!

VOTE: Exercise your right to vote for my NYE outfit! 

Black flair pants 
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels 
Black sequin strapless shirt
Brown velvet bolero 
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Outfit #2
Black scoop neck, patterned black velvet jacket
Blue and black sleeveless dress
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Both outfits will be sans glasses and with my hair all done beautifully! 
The date? Le sigh, I am looking forward to it very much! A special person, a special night and a party at church! We will be ringing in the New Year with eyes forward and hearts connected! Should be a blast!! 

What are YOU doing New Years Eve??


La @The Curvy Life said...

The first one! I love it.. very chic and very sexy...(But not too sexy for a date at church!! LOL)

I am not going ANYWHERE for NYE (let's not even talk about THAT!) but I did buy a totally cute dress to wear... oh well...


Sabrina said...

I vote for outfit number ONE!

New Years Eve I will be at combination football/NYE party. The Florida State Seminoles are playing in the Chick Fila bowl that night so it's the best of both worlds, for me!

Kim H. said...

I think both look great, but I like #1 just a bit more.

And, I just have to say--I love your style!! It's fun and original and it's you!

teacherwoman said...

I like both outfits, but I feel that #1 is better! Especially in the cold MN weather. We are supposed to get a nasty storm here, with 50 mph winds, and I can't imagine going anywhere that night. I might be able to talk the honey into ordering in, making some popcorn, and watching a movie or two!

Mimi C said...

Oh Mary this post made me laugh so hard. Having only seen you in workout wear I never knew you had such a bad sense of style.

Both outfits are cute so let the weather dictate. If it is above 20 then go with number 2 else number 1.

That Pink Girl said...

You look gorgeous in both of them! You can't go wrong with either but I'm leaning to #1!

Elen said...

#1 for sure. #2 would be better with black hose to pull it all together. If you do that they are equally gorgeous.

Catey said...

#1 is fabulous!! You look great!

Anonymous said...

if you weren't going to pick the one shouldered leopard print (LOL - you really rocked it!) then you HAVE to go with #1

Mary said...

Wow! I can't believe that everyone loves #1!! What a surprise, but that's awesome! I should clarify, I don't HATE my style, it's just that somethings are so very outlandish, and I am not ready to abandon that all together, just rein it in a little. :) Be well!

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

Definitely outfit #1... looks great!

Dr. TriRunner said...

Hahah ohhhh Mary, you crack me up! I vote for outfit #1 :)

Kerri O said...

Oh, I love them both. If I had to pick I guess I like the first better, I think it's the brown jacket, love.

Kristi said...

I vote for outfit #1. You look great!
I wish I was picking out a NYE outfit! I have to work early in the morning New Year's Day so I won't be doing much for NYE.

krisgetshealthy said...

I have to go with #1 also. Just a bit more *something* Can't quite put my finger on it, but it has that little bit of whatever IT is.

Hope you have a great New Years Eve and a Blessed and Wonderful New Year!

thoughtsappear said...

I like outfit #1!

And I'd like to add that I love the gold birthday pants. A friend has a similar pair. We pass them around the group for special occasions.

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