Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Recap: Holidazzle & Fringe!

HI everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

I am looking forward to flying out THIS week for my time in Hawaii before I race. I am trying to prepare with a spirit of EASE and savoring the anticipation of getting everything done and ready before I go!
SO, the weekend was a combination of fun, parties, prep and work.  Every year Minneapolis has a parade of lights and this year I got to watch the whole thing! It's called the Holidazzle and it was such a great experience! 

I technically had a day all to myself, Friday's have become my day "off" and this one, I really took advantage of! I got my nails done!! 

The fairytale themed, Christmas light bedazzled, floats were beautiful in the heavy snow--we had a dumping of 8 brilliant, beautiful inches in one night!! I was wearing the "official" holidazzle sweater of course... (not EVERYTHING I own is this outrageous. Close.)

The parade route runs right through downtown Minneapolis--so what better way to wait in the cooold and snow than with warm drinks...the lights on the evergreens were so pretty with the snow perfectly coating them!

GOOD show Minneapolis!! 

FRINGE Holiday Party!

Tonight I was able to attend a very cool blogger holiday party hosted at a great accessory store called Fringe! Molly and Sasha hosted the party and supplied all kinds of goodies to snack on while we shopped! 

They also collected clothing and accessory donations for Twin Cities Dress for Sucess which helps outfit women with the right clothing for job interviews AND work with a personal shopper so they get the best look, the one that fits them! What a great organization...does your city have one? 

Cindy and I got to shop and catch up! 

Molly looking SUPER cute--the Hostess with the Most

Me in my new hat--with all the different colors, it seems perfect for EVERY season, so I picked it up! Plus I love hats.  In working to get everything, and I do mean everything under the SUN, done before I leave, I notice a pattern in prepping for my trip, I do it often when I am going on vacation. I mentioned it above, but I have a tendency to want to do EVERYTHING before I go. Write that article I have meant to do all month, purge my closet one last time, update that spreadsheet....really?? 

I am reminding myself that I don't have to cross everything off my to do list if It is overwhelming me. I can take a look at what really needs to be accomplished and move forward with ease. I am trying to remember the importance of enjoying the process in all I do. It's not easy for me, I have been one to just DO DO DO to get things done and not savor the doing or savor the being.  I am learning to change and what better time to do so than during the holidays! 

What are YOU doing to savor the process, to enjoy doing  and enjoy just "being" during the season? 


Megan said...

I cut my Christmas cookie shapes all by myself last night. Ah, peace and quiet, and me, with my own personal game of Tetris, trying to fit in all the shapes on the rolled out dough. Satisfies my Type-A needs for that kind of stuff.

I did have my kids help me with some cookies on Friday and I think I got a bunch more gray hairs in the process. I like to involve them, and they love it, but it makes me crazy. Sometimes it is nice to just go and do another batch after they're asleep.

The baked goods -- that is my part of savoring the process. :)

Alexa said...

How cute do you all look at the Fringe event?? I'm glad I couldn't go, because I would not have fit in in my un-showered look. =)

I'm so excited for you and your marathon Mary!! It's going to change your life!

La@The Curvy Life said...

Girl! you are rocking the marathon prep! LOL You go girl! I was at Holidazle that night too! Love it!

Only in Minneapolis can a girl prepare to go out for a night on the town by wearing a big furry hat! love it!

Thinking of you!

Mary said...

The parade was SO fun! Thanks for kind words less that 6 days till I run!

Kerri O said...

LOL, I do the same thing, I think I have to do everything so I can come home to things being done...but there's always more to do when I get back, silly I guess. Love the pretty!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Dear Mary: You are glowing in your photos. Love it!

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