Thursday, December 9, 2010

Working with a trainer

ALL week, I am going to be posting inspiring movie trailers! Lately, I really don't want to watch a movie unless it makes me feel good, get inspired or see the good in the world! SO, enjoy some snippets of my faves: 

The Pursuit of Happyness. SUCH a good movie about achieving your dreams and taking BIG risks to reap BIG rewards. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors. Have you seen it? Enjoy!

Last week, I had a training session with personal trainer friend of mine Xavier Sose--wow--he kicked my bootay!  We did 30 min of lower body, and he uses mostly body weight which is refreshing in a world of weights! It was a blast! 

I was out of breath and in pain and I kept saying "Awesome, wow!"  He will be moving to Florida at the end of the month, so we wanted to work together! Check him out all you gals down south, HERE is his website! 

He had me do resisted mountain climbers with this MEGA rubber band. Yikes! My achin' glutes! I loved working with a trainer--believe it or not, I never had one before becoming one, it was really a cool experience!  I can see now what my clients like in working with us--correcting my form to maximize every exercise, encouraging me, showing me new moves. 

Yep, you too can have muscles like mine if you invest in mega rubber bands!

DO YOU work with a Personal Trainer? If you do, what do you like best about it? If not, why?

How are you guys doing with the Don't Gain Maintain challenge? I am SO excited to pick a winner in January--but we are all winners for choosing to be healthy at every time of year! I DID have a few run-in's with some ice cream recently, but everyday is a new start! :P 


Shannon said...

Thanks for the reminder that every day is a new start! I have been doing so-so with the challenge and really need to get myself more on track. (p.s., it's still me, Shan--I just changed my account name to my whole name for work/professional/publicity purposes. ;)

Kim H. said...

I love working with a trainer--I feel like I don't give up as readily in order to save my pride. :)

Mary said...

I love it too, I am doing another session when I am home! Humbling for SURE! LOL!

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