Saturday, January 2, 2010

Food blogger Day 6: Home stretch

I had a dinner date last night!

It was with some thai noodles, a lab mix named Ellie I am watching for a few days and the Von Trapp Family Singers!

I broke down and bought a copy of The Sound of Music! We spent a day in Salzburg Austria (where it was filmed) on my trip to Germany and ever since then I have been dying to see it with no place to rent it. Problem solved.

Do, Re, Me!

Ellie is well trained & smart! She's my kind of girl!

I used a quick Thai Kitchen curry noodle mix and threw in some frozen scallops, onions and cheese! Quick and savory!

I had a half a baked sweet potato on the side topped with some goat cheese!

Dinner was great, the dog is very sweet and I got my SOM fix for sure. I had at least 2 good crys during the movie and did a LOT of singing along!

I snacked on lebkuchen, German gingerbread cookies.
I had two! Sehr gut!

This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with a half a banana,
some almond butter and Raw Blue Agave sweetener!

Then I took the pooch out for a walk and got a TREAT, a peppermint MOCHA! It was very cold when I woke up. As I was watching the news, the temp in the corner said -14 degrees. I just assumed it was wrong (why WOULD it be, it was the news?). It wasn't.

I have been shopping out of my freezer, so lunch was some Tilapia topped with steamed spinach and mushrooms!

I sauteed the mushrooms in a bit of Olive oil and a spoonful of the Curry and Fig dressing from Salad Girl. They are a Local, Minnesota based company and Organic! They are also very unique and delicious!!

I had another roasted sweet potato on the side, topped with cottage cheese rosemary!

Sweet potatoes are low in calories, HIGH in fiber and potassium! They also are high in vitamins like A, C and B6!!

Not a bad reason to eat them over and over!

Supper tonight was a steak taco with a side of blue tortilla chips & salsa.
I used some left over steak, piled some cheese, shredded carrots, shredded lettuce (iceberg-hmm why do I have that?), and salsa on top of a whole wheat tortilla and rolled 'er up!

There's a little color peeking out, but I am thinking I should have used spinach! I like to have color in my meals so I can gauge the veggie intake and healthy factor!

I put a small amount of chips on the plate for my side in HOPES that I would eat that portion only. Success!! I didn't mindlessly graze on the chips!

Eating things like chips, popcorn and crackers etc. straight out of the box is a sure fire way to over eat.
Putting a serving size in a bowl or on your plate is a better game plan and tonight it worked. I have been known to eat at least a half a bag of chips with salsa in one setting. EASY.

I splurged one more time today and bought a German Chocolate cupcake for dessert! I am splitting it in half though, but I am thinking about my trip and feeling a little nostalgic-- my heart did a little flip-flop when I saw it in the store!

This was a LONG one! See you Sunday & stay warm where ever you are!

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