Monday, January 4, 2010

With Resolve For 2010

I am not really one to create resolutions for the coming year. In the past they have seemed very hard to stick to and have seemed like a shock to the system when you apply them on New years day. Who am I kidding, I spent most of my adult New Years days recovering from New Years Eve.

This year, I do have some specific goals already and want to take some time and really create clear actions that I would like to tackle with resolve for 2010! (avoiding the word resolutions!)

There were three big ones I talked about in my Goals and Lessons post.

1) Learn to swim better in preparation for my August triathlon
2) Run 900 miles in 2010
3) Learn a language in 2010

But I have other, smaller and no less significant goals as well:

1) Learn to cook better and there is a class I am going to take in February to start!

2) Increase my daily quiet time, and have a special time in the mornings for it.

3) Take at least 2 trips in 2010. Destinations pending. :)

4) To continue to eat healthy, small meals and snacks throughout the day (5-6)

5) To SIGNIFICANTLY decrease my material possessions and any further accumulation. (Can I stave off buying any clothes until my birthday of 3/3/10? My mom insists on it. We will see.)

6) To get back to weight lifting at least 2-3 times per week. (I used to do this and it contributed greatly to my being in the best shape yet!)

7) To take a seed I planted and see it harvested! There are 3 significant personal dreams that I have that I can not go into in great detail on the blog, I really wish that I could and sometime soon, I will be able to share it all with you. For now. I have seed #1 germinating and then the other 2 parts can be tackled. I guess the "resolution" for this one is for me to find the courage and determination I need and know I have inside me to bring this to fruition.

8) To cross more off. Specifically more off my fitness bucket list.

9) To complete two craft projects that I have laying around and to MAKE time in my busy life to be creative and nurturing to self! (knitting, reading, baking etc...)

There you have it! Some things that I am going to tackle with resolve in the coming year! I am sure you will see many of these popping up in the blog as I go about accomplishing them. At the same time I may not be able to blog as regularly as I have been over the past 6 months.

This is something that I have thought about for a while and decided that I needed to do to accomplish some of my upcoming goals. I love blogging and have been doing it nearly consistently five days a week since June 09 when I started. Dedicating my time to some other projects for the first months of this new year is one of the wisest things that I can do right now, so the daily posts may pare down a few really juicy ones per week.

But please keep coming back to check out my journey with these big goals I listed above and all the races, lessons and training I have coming up in 2010!! I will still be here loud and proud on Fit this, girl! and I look forward to keeping up with all you guys are doing as well.

CHEERS to 2010!

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