Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Polar Dash 10K Race Recap

My New Years Day race went excellent! I was so thrilled to come
in with a chip time of 54:29! That is an 8:47 pace!

What I am really happy with is my last 3.1 of the race. IF I can do math right that means the last 3.1 miles was run in 26:20 which is an 8.29 average mile for the second half! Woot!!
Since the race started at 11am New Years day, I didn't have time to pick up my packet till the morning of. My NYE was just too busy. Along with my chip and number, we got a cool hat and some gloves!

I got all prepped and ready and then headed outside. The official temp was 1 degree Fahrenheit! Yikes! We all earned our medals!

I was actually a bit sad as I stood there waiting for the race to start. It was my 2 year sobriety anniversary and a holiday--yet I was going the race alone! I know that I am never really alone, that I have a ton of friends and family who support and love me and that God is my source for all. Still, I get a bit down when I race alone.

This was me at mile 4!

Once I got to the half way point, the turn around I decided to kick it in and run like it was the last mile! I told myself that If I wanted to I could slow back down, but that I was halfway through and I should pick it up!! I am so glad I did, I showed myself that I could do it!

Do you ever surprise yourself with what you can DO and how much you are capable of??

I pulled the face mask down because I was getting HOT! For real, in that weather. For the last 2 miles I was chasing after a guy I was calling Mr. Pearl Izumi! He had a neon yellow Pearl Izumi jacket on and he seemed to be going my pace that I was pushing for. I told myself I wasn't going to loose that guy.

I almost lost him at one point, mile 4 and a half to 5 were really hard and my legs suddenly felt like solid giant redwoods that I was uprooting with every step. But I couldn't lose Mr. Pearl Izumi, so I pushed on!

I faked myself out when I saw a bridge that I thought was the one near the finish line and was not, but I was running at my finishing pace with only about a half a mile left!

It was a HARD finish, but I did it. I actually felt sick to my stomach when I crossed the finish line and had never had that happen. I didn't loose my cookies, but my breakfast was pretty minimal and that may be why!! I didn't have any water pre-race, just the Amazing Grass, so that may have contributed.

Me, my medal and a pained look on my face.

When I crossed the finish line and saw the clock time of 56:30 I was thrilled, not only because I could walk, but because I was hoping for 57 minutes and under! When I got through the line of banana's and chips etc that they always hand out, I grabbed a hot chocolate!!

I drank the hot cocoa and KNEW that It was too cold to walk the half mile to my car, my fingers and legs were already starting to get cold, so I jogged back and sat in the car for a while. I nibbled on the food and warmed up. I put on my medal, my Polar Dash hat and pretended I was a gangsta for a while and when I was good and warm, headed home for a hot bath and some stretching!

Blinging in the new year!

It was a great race over all! I wish I did a little better at knowing the pace I am running at. Team Ortho always has pacers with signs and maybe at their next race, I will have to find those shooting for an 8 min mile flat and see just how long I can tag along.

I was curious about Team Ortho 's cause when I started doing more of their races.

They support and raise money for Orthopeadic Organizations and work to improve and enhance the lives of orthopaedic patients. They support research, education, and advancements in orthopaedic technology; promote good muscular, skeletal, and joint health by encouraging an active lifestyle including training for and participating in amateur athletic events.

I am looking forward to more running and more team ortho events! What a great way to ring in the new year!

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