Monday, January 11, 2010

Get a grip!

I have a new addition to my winter running wear! I got some slip on ice grips for my shoes! I tried them out Sunday on a short and cold run, and I loved them. They really made a difference on the ice, which is everywhere!

They look really cool too, like I am really hardcore and mean business. They went on really easy and didn't slip or slide around on the shoe. I didn't even notice they were there, except for the fact that I didn't slide all over the sidewalk or road.

Mine are the cheap and knock off version of Yak Trax, which retail for about 30.00 for the running or heavier duty version pictured below. Mine were 9.99 and I think they work fabulous!

Walking on the concrete with them, I was taken back to my track days when I wore spikes and ran the 100 meter hurdles. My first taste in stage fright. But I love the grip that these little guys add to my runs and I feel more confidant that I won't slip and fall.

Did you know a lot of runners will "Screw" their shoes themselves? It's the even cheaper way of creating the same effect! Check it out here: Screw Shoe !

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