Thursday, January 14, 2010

MN Blogger Meet up!

I am so happy that there is finally going to be a Minnestoa Healthy blogger Meet up Thursday, January 21st! Thanks to Jen at Prior Fat Girl, for organizing and planning it! We are going to meet at Ecopolitan Resturaunt in Minneapolis!

Check out Jen's original post HERE and RSVP with her to attend!

Ecopolitan's Minneapolis restaurant is 100% Organic Vegan & Raw restaurant, bar. It is also a natural home & body goods shop, an infrared sauna, oxygen bar and eco-art gallery: "For Your Health, the Earth, & the Taste!"

Will definitely post a full report afterwards with pics of the gang and of course of the food! Thanks Jen!

Food Blogging wrap up

I wanted to talk about my experience of Food Blogging for a week.

I loved doing it, it was a lot of work and sometimes I would forget, or nearly to take a photo of everything! I have really started to love taking photos and this was another fun way to experience food photography which was fun and different!

I learned a lot about how I ate and about the things that I ate! I used salsa and cheese all the time and although I did a pretty good job of snacking through out the day, I felt like I could have had a few more fruit and veggies in there! I think the food blogging or keeping a diary (visual or not) is a good way to see these things and I know that it's proven to help people lose weight and eat healthy.

SO, to my surprise I feel like I learned MORE in my week post food blogger than I did during it. I felt really prepared my to continue in my healthy eating and eating small meals and snacks through out the day and in all honesty, fell off the wagon almost the first morning! I had a very busy day and tossed missing breakfast aside to that, but as my regular week routine went on, I saw that it wasn't only because I was busy.

Factors that can sabotage good eating:

Stress: If you are under stress in your life or in a certain environment this can affect your eating habits. You all know this. For everyone it is different, some over eat, some lose their appetite. If we are lucky we don't let stress get the best of us and our eating and we take it out on the treadmill or pound the pavement instead. Somedays and sometimes over time, stress can be a factor in affecting how we eat.

Environment: Where we are depends on what we eat. If you are a cashier at a store, can you really keep apples and peanut butter behind your register and munch while you check? Probably not. This just means that those of us who have an environment which isn't conducive to healthy snacking have to plan differently and be prepared to bust out that nutritious snack on a short break or when we can.

Preparation: This is a big one! I talked about food prep and other kinds of preparation here. If your not prepared for something, you will never succeed. I can say "I want to eat healthy this week!" I can think about veggies and fruit, say I am going to eat low fat and high fiber, but if I don't go to the store and GET some healthy food I will be diggin in the cupboards for cereal or frozen pizza in the freezer. I have to have a game plan if I am going to win and that means preparing.

Will: If I have a clementine in my purse and someone brings cupcakes to work, why would I chose one over the other? Why would I eat a cupcake and then feel bad about it? No one made me do it, no one forced me (this isn't hypothetical by the way!). It's will vs. want. Too often I give in and do something that I regret. Do I gain even a pound from one cupcake? No. But I need to practice executing my will power over my want power. There will ALWAYS be cupcakes. ALWAYS, heck, I could stop on my way home and buy a dozen. But what I really desire is to make healthy decisions. I can plan to have a cupcake on Friday night if I want, but need to stick to my good decisions up until that point.

If I had more time during my days and weeks, I would food blog more! I know many of you really enjoyed it and I have even got questions about some of my meals! Since I am sticking with my new years goal of cooking more that will show up in my posts you can be sure!

Do you keep a Food Journal? What do you find stands in your way?

Happy and healthy eating everyone!

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