Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I work out #4

Yay!! Thank goodness it's Friday! And WELCOME to all my new followers! Thanks for coming by to keep me in check with this journey I am on.

Now, for a little something I like to call...Why I work out!! It's been a while since I reminded myself...

  • If I don't I am a crabby girl. CRABBY. Girl.
  • Because I like how my legs look when they are strong!
  • So I can take the stairs and STILL beat everyone riding the escalator.
  • Someone once told me I have monster endurance. What else am I going to use it for?
  • Because I will never be a statistic.
  • Sweat is a great way to detox and it's WAY cheaper than a spa.
  • I always want to be able to carry my own groceries, walk up steep hills and lift my (someday) grandkids over my head.
  • Because when everything else is out of my hands I can go for a run and be the master of my own pace, the author of my own race and come in first place!

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