Monday, January 18, 2010

Gym time

My Gym membership is back in full swing and wouldn't ya know it, today, the first day I go back, it's 34 degrees out! How I love Minnesota weather! Below zero one day and people running around in shorts and 34 degrees the next!

Believe it or not (believe it--I do!) I never actually made it to the gym at my college to use the equipment that I planned on doing over the last 2 months of being Gymless. I should have known better 1) it is a 20 min drive and I was depending on a friend's schedule and 2) it was over the holidays when I was SO busy. Luckily that just forced me outside more for some winter running, check out the post for 3 guidelines for successful running in cold weather.

I am really grateful for having weights at my house, including a 34 pound old school barbell for weighted squats, lunges and good ole curls! I also have a little weighted medicine ball that is great for anything ab related!

Tonight was Body Pump and a run outside! I actually killed 2 birds with one stone and ran to the gym, Body Pumped it up and then ran back. It was 3.5 miles total with an hour of weights in the middle. Amazing! My legs were pretty tired running home, but it was a great workout! Now for dinner and a relaxing night! I am just super PUMPED to be able to get back to the gym!

What were you Pumped to do today? Did you start out your week feelin' good?

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