Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Healthy Cleanse

A few times a year I always reset my body's eating habits, whether it’s a 30 day cleanse or just a few days to reset my body and mind and start fresh. There are those days when I know I have had too much coffee that I haven’t had enough water, or a few too many pieces of pizza made me feel a bit over the top.

Beyond the occasaional junk food purge, there are a lot of reasons to do even a mini cleanse or detox: to feel better, to help jump start a new food plan, to try and rid your body of environmental and diatary toxins. What ever your reason, a cleanse can make you feel better all around.

There are so many kinds of cleanses and you can cutsomize them to your own needs. You can eat only raw food, you can do a acid detox where you only intake alkaline food, and you can cleanse specific organs. I have never personally used any of the internal cleansing kits you can purchase, but instead take a more simple and manageable approach--eating healthy and eating naturally.

Shouldn't I already be doing that?? Yes! And I do for the most part, but any average person may get off track and that can leave us looking to have more energy and overall feeling of wellness. Balancing out our diet can help & doing a mini cleanse won’t really cost you more than your regular groceries do and infact may even cost you less because you will not be using prepackaged or processed foods. Sticking to a cleansing plan like the one below is simple and effective without being cumbersome in your busy day to day.

When first staring a cleanse you may want to ease yourself into it. We are exposed to and take in so many chemicals we may not realize. You may experience headaches or feel sluggish or irritable the first few days. You may even feel a bit ill, but that is because your body is riding it’s self of the dependance on things like sugar, caffinee and working hard to eliminate chemicals and preservatives from your body.

I usually still leave some caffeine and other items (chicken, a bit of dairy etc) in my diet the first two days and then ween away from even those. Then for 5-7 days, follow my self made cleanse and then slowly add back in anything that I want to reintroduce in more moderation. For me, this is usually coffee. :)

The best advice I have for you is stay away from processed foods!! If it comes in a box, a mix, jar, or can-- CAN it! The closer the food item is to it’s original state the better! Think about God or garden, the closer it is to each the better.

Next, eat colorfully! A rainbow is the way to go when it comes to food. The richer the color the richer the food is in nutrients and vitamins. I recommend picking a few things to cut out the first time you detox. My favorites are: processed sugar, caffinee, dairy and meat. What? Then what do I eat you may ask! Hold fast, don’t think about what you can’t eat, think about what you CAN eat and use this as an exercise in trying new foods.

This is getting a little long, so tomorrow I will post a sample menu and some other helpful things that I have done in the past to reset and cleanse! Stop back!!

* keep in mind I am not a registered dietitian or nurse, so please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes
*images courtesy of hunkerdownusa.wordpress and womensday.com
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