Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healthy Cleanse part 2

Day two of talking about cleansing. I just want to preface this by saying two things! Hopefully we are all eating healthy as it is and these can just be some good idea's to add in your already healthy routine! Second is that I do not consider this a diet or crash diet of any kind. When I have done this in the past I ease into it, cutting out things I want and ease back into a more moderate version of my healthy eating style. It's not for losing weight!! I just want to let you know I do not condone crash diets or diets really of any kind. The cleanse is a reset and refocus! Let's go!

Yesterday, I left us off with talking about what to eat to aid your body in a cleanse. Here are a few examples of what I have done for a daily menu*:

After waking: 1 cup hot water with 1/2 squeezed lemon and 1 T. ground flaxseed

Breakfast: Puffed rice with raisins, flaxseed and almonds OR Smoothie with pear, rice milk and rice protein powder

Snacks: red peppers and hummus, Apple juice diluted with water, grapes, rice crackers & goat cheese, rosted sweet potatoes, melon & brown rice.

Lunch: Brown rice, quinoa or barley with broccoli, onions, roasted peppers and brags liquid amino acids. OR Vegetable soup with no additives and no sodium.

Dinner: Steamed Broccoli, beets, sesame seeds, kidney beans and avacado over mixed greens/dandilion salad OR organic tuna steak with baked sweet potato & baked zucchini over brown rice.

Drinks: warm Braggs Apple Cider vinegar cut with water nightly, water with ginger pieces, rice milk, veggie broth, Dandilion tea, and water, water, water!

A few very important things to keep in mind when you are doing a cleanse and that is that you must drink enough water. A detox diet is not just intaking new good foods, but at the same time flushing out all the excess, all the toxins that are currently in your body. A good key to drinking water is to intake half your body weight in ounes of water. For example if you weigh 160 pounds, you should strive to drink 80 ounces of water a day for optimal health and cleansing. If you can’t make that just make sure you are drinking 64 ounces.

Another real key is rest. Second getting proper rest when you are detoxing is vital. Your body is probably going to go through withdrawl of some of the chemicals it is used to having and will be working hard to eliminate those (caffinee, sugar, etc.) Give it the upper hand by getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Do some meditation, some yoga and some reading you enjoy! Relax your brain too and use this time to think about new goals and directions in life that you would like to take!

Fitness should be easy and controlled as your cleanse, you don't want to wear yourself out. So walk and bike and do some easy stretching and yoga, but doing long runs or intense workouts during a cleanse may leave you feeling more fatigued than before!

Other helpful things to do while cleansing are:

  • Skin brushing with a gentle pair of exfoliating gloves. They are handy because instead of using a cumbersome brush you slip the gloves on and just used your hands naturally to brush your body down removing dead skin cells and toxins.
  • Using a Sauna to draw toxins out is also an excellent way to help your body along. Not only are you sweating out the toxins, but it increases circulation at the same time.
  • Alternating shower temps--3 min in hot and then cold water three to four times a week will have the same effect on your circulation.

All of these things will help you feel as well as you can while you are cleansing, your body will thank you later!

* keep in mind I am not a registered dietitian or nurse, so please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes
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