Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Fun: In the Cinema

Hey! Thank Goodness it's Friday, am I right?

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but for tonight I am hanging with my bestest buddy, Ryan!! He is in a band called In the Cinema and has been making music since I met him over 10 years ago when we were in college together. We never really hung out, he was a Drama kid and I was a Lit chic, but now we are fast friends! Check out his website to hear the music and get his brand new CD on Itunes!!

At our friend Jennifer's wedding a few years back!

We started with a casual dinner at Rainbow a great Chinese restaurant on Eat Street in Minneapolis!

Dinner was excellent and the atmosphere was so nice! There was an older couple having dinner and drinks right next to us, it was SO cute. I had Chicken Curry which had pea pods, onions and a curry with coconut milk. I also had a coffee with condensed milk. It is a great treat!

Ryan had homemade ginger ale! This is him being patient with me taking TONS of pictures!

Super cute suspenders Ry!

My Curry....drool...

Then we headed over to an art opening! The gallery is a small warehouse space in south Minneapolis that was converted into a gallery & attached to a "micro-cinema" a theater that only seats 50 and showcases classics and cult favorites. Ryan's band is having his CD release party there in March. How cool that In the Cinema is having their CD release AT a refurbished mini movie house? I know... awesomeness.

Ryan is SUCH a trend setter.

He wanted to get my pic outside the gallery, he said "Just like Carrie Bradshaw, right?"
Minneapolis is a hoping metropolis.

The attached gallery is The X, Y and Z and the artist was Tonja Torgerson. The show was called Sick and showcased pieces that dealt with a girl going through a prolonged illness. It was moving and very good, I felt like she had a lot to say and conveyed some really important issues through her work.

I love buying real art and from local artists. Cut Short is a piece that I would have taken home if I could have afforded to!

Cut Short

Ryan and I love to talk about all the things we are doing in life, we are both very goal oriented and something he has started doing is writing down a few things he accomplished at the end of the day. He encouraged me to do it before bed, so I can go to sleep with my accomplishments, no matter how few, on my mind. What an awesome friend and supporter. So, here goes:

I had a good outlook all day
I played with the kitties
I did some important reading
I sent an important email

Yay, what a great Friday indeed, happy weekend! What are your plans?

The Joy of Running

When I was a kid, I loved to run. I mean like when I was like 4 or 5, my Mom tells me that I would just go outside and run circles around our house, that I loved it like that. Over the years that I have been a runner, I have experienced the ebb and flow of the good and bad of it.

Sometimes I burn out and need a break, some days I don't want to go for a run, I feel sluggish and tired, I feel slow, I need walking breaks. Other times I run like the wind is carrying me, tireless, effortless, I taste that runners high like sugar on the tip of my tongue and I can go for hours.

Through all of these ups and downs, ebbs and flows, do I love it still?

Yes, and even more than ever.

It's a place for me to reconnect with myself. I can get inside my head for an hour and work something out. Or I can unplug for an hour and think about my breath, the way my foot strikes the ground and the breeze on my face, leaving the day or week behind me.

Through all the years I have been a runner, through the good and bad, I realize that it was not the running that got harder or more elusive. It was not the run that changed, it was me. The run is still there same as it has always been: full of possibility, ready to be molded, waiting. It was me who got distracted, lazy or complacent. It was me who was focused on time, got too wrapped up in the bells and whistles of it. Checking the clock instead of listening to my internal clock and concentrating on my legs, the movement and the connection.

Sure, I like PR's and I like a good pace, I have celebrated and blogged about these things. Still somedays I need to get back to the basics of why I am running. The joy I find in it, the love I have for it. The shoes, gadgets, and gear are great. But if I get right down to it, I just need my legs and half a path to really run.

Today, find a sidewalk, a trail or a path and just run for a bit. Whether it's 10 minutes or 10 miles, you will find yourself there. Times and garmins and goals laid aside while you hear your breath, feel your heart pound and feel the weight of who you are with every step.

You are a runner, you are on a journey, you are unique.

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