Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping from home!

Ok, so this may not be what you're thinking, but I am hoping you guys enjoy it! It goes along with my Great Purge of 2009! I am now learning to shop from home--from my own closet that is!!

I have started choose a fun outfits before I go to bed for the next day! This makes for 1) more creative clothing at work! and 2) consciously using more of what I have! SO, since I have always loved to play dress up, I decided to post the unique ones or ones I really like at Clothed in Kindness, a picture only blog! There is a link on the side of Fit this, girl too!

Since then I have purged a number of other area's of my house:

Junk for craigslist and donation!! This is one time I WANT the junk in the trunk and then out the door!

More misc. junk--notice the shoes! :)

Picture shelf, before and after

Entryway shelf before and after

Goodbye books!

Almost everything (shelf etc) will get one more run through and I have been successful in not bringing anymore in or buying any more clothes, save for a black tank and one pair of brown tights. I cleared those purchases with Mom. :)

Onward into a simpler 2010!
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