Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I LOVE LOST. It's the only show I watch loyally!

(other than Clean House and reruns of Friends)

So to pay homage to LOST, I have compiled:

Fit this, girls Top Ten things to have on a desert Island:

10) Shoes. Pink ones. I'm a girl, what can I say!

9) Travel Connect Four. Seriously.

8) A boy scout. One named Sawyer.

7) A sweet hat to keep the sun off your delicate skin.

6) A Lululemon Tracker Jacket to ward off wind, rain, tropical bugs and to look smashing in!


5) A water bottle to hydrate! You can hike to the other side of the island like a beast and your skin will glow like a beauty!

4) A sweet handgun like Kate always has! Or just a big shiny knife for huntin', raft makin' and manicures.

3) A journal: to track all the mysterious things that happen, or to log your runs!

2) A garmin so that I could at least know where I am, even if no one else does.

And the #1 item for a desert island must is...

1) Body Glide—for those hot beach runs

and for when the natives get restless !

Do you watch LOST? Who is your favorite character??

Legs Do it Challenge Update:

Last nights Yoga was BRUTAL! Who knew a little advanced yoga led by a professional could be so hard (blushes). I didn't make it all the way through, but am hoping that by March 1, I can crank out those warrior 3's with little sweat.

Just a reminder that tonight is:
50 jumping jacks and
15 burpies to get the blood pumping!
20 Calf raises on a stair, box or aerobic step
30 regular lunges on each leg
20 side lunge with ball
30 Pendulum Step over using bench or chair

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