Monday, February 8, 2010

Legs Do it Challenge: Week 2!

Week one of the challenge was a success!

I did all four days of leg work, and I know a ton of you out there did too. It was great to get emails from you or see posts on your own blog where you met the challenge and made it your own! That was a HUGE encouragement for me. :)

Monday (today)= Stretch: I am starting this week with more YOGA! This time I am taking a que from Angela at Oh She Glows and doing the 13 Yoga poses for runners! It includes:
  • Cobbler stretch
  • Seated wide angle forward fold
  • Cow-face fold
  • Standing wide-legged forward fold and more!
View the poses here: 13 Yoga poses for runners. I am going to go through the series twice!

I love how I can turn my room into a mini yoga studio,
complete with downward facing cat!!

50 jumping jacks and
15 burpies to get the blood pumping!
30 Plank Steps: use a step or box, or nothing. In plank position step out your right foot, then step out your left, then step them back to center, repeat 30 on each side.

20 Calf raises on a stair, box or aerobic step
30 leg circles: raise your legs to 90 degrees with your heels together and your toes pointed slightly out. Rotate in small circles from your heel 30 in one direction and then 30 in the other.

Resistance band Step: start with the resistance band under your feet, hip width apart and pulling the band up in a bicep curl. Step out wide on the left side and then step out wide to the right, one by one come back to center. Repeat 30 on each side.

Leg lifts: The first leg lift is in plank position. Lift one leg out behind you with a flexed foot. Lift up gently 4-6 inches for 30 counts. Repeat on other leg.

From all fours, lift one leg out behind you also at a 90 degree angle and gently pulse straight up in the air 4-6 inches for 30 pulses without straightening the leg entirely. Repeat on the other leg.
Be sure and stretch!

Thursday= Strength:
2 min of Jump Rope
25 Jumping jacks to warm up
30 One leg weighted lunges on each side: With one foot behind you on the couch or a bench, hold your choice of weight in your hands or on your shoulders and come straight down to the floor into a lunge. Be sure your knee does not come past your toe!

15 dead lifts (35 lbs)
15 walking lunges TURN 15 walking lunges back to start (35lbs)
20 plie squats (weight tbd): feet slightly wider than hip width apart and toes pointed out. Hold the weight you are comfortable with in front of you or on your shoulders and come down into a squat so your legs are at 90 degree angles and then up. (I should be a little lower--come on Mary!!)

20 regular squats: Be sure that you are comfortable with the weight you use! You can do squats just as effectively with your own body weight. You should be sticking that booty back as if you are sitting in a chair and folding at the hip while keeping your chest up. Keep the weight in your heels and you will feel it in your quads and booty!

End with walking .5 mile on treadmill or outside at a brisk pace and stretch!!

I trying which was recommended to me! They have a 20 min Yoga Sculpt that you can download for free here. I am going to go back to my first yoga video on my own and see if I can't keep up!

Welcome to week two of the challenge and one week closer to SPRING!
What is your favorite part of your body to work?

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