Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Perfect Protein Salad!

I have been a bit MIA lately on the blog, at least with a personal presence it seems. Maybe that's because I am doing a lot of scheduled posts. I am working hard on one of my goals and focusing my time on that. I am hoping soon it will pay off!! I can't really say much else right now, but will be able to soon enough and am hoping to deliver good news....

Tonight I whipped up a great Protein salad!
I LOVE kidney beans and don't eat them often enough. I threw together a steak salad and topped it with about a half a cup of these beautiful red beans!

They had a Vegetarian Diet (OR food ) Pyramid on the back of the can, which I thought was GREAT!! I love how activity is the basis of the pyramid! I am not Vegetarian, but eat that way sometimes and have dabbled with it...

Have you gone veggie?

My salad!
Grilled steak
Rosemary balsamic
Kidney beans
Roasted yams!

Protein is SO good for us! It serves so many purposes!
  • it carries oxygen
  • helps fight disease
  • heals connective tissue
  • allows muscle contraction &
  • plays a big part in recovery!
Learnin' tastes so good!
You should aim for 10-35% of your daily calories in protein and more if you are training or working out a lot! It is essential to our overall health.

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