Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Fun: My first love!

Happy Valentines Day weekend!! TGIF!

So, although I am single, I am still celebrating the special day and believe it or not, I am celebrating with my first Love... Yeppers, Sunday I am going roller skating!!

I have spent my whole life on skates, from when I was seven and got my first pair I would spent my days and nights rolling around the kitchen listening to Amy Grant cassettes. High school and college brought trips to Skate Country and Saints North with disco balls, couples skates and just losing myself in the music and zipping around the rink!

Today, I am a retired Minnesota Rollergirl, which is a whole NEW kind of skating love! Speed, hitting, strategy. Roller Derby.

I have promised a post on this for a while, because it does fit with my weight loss and recovery story! Today is not that day. Today I am just looking back, loving the skating, every kind I have known and look forward to Valentines Day when I can go to The Roller Garden with my friends and cut loose.

But, I am adding some fun photos of my life as a RollerGirl!

The Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium on a SOLD out night!
We pack in crowds of 4300-4700 crazed derby fans!

I'm the black and pink skater in the front with the star helmet!
This is me Jamming, or scoring points (trying to!)
Courtesy BJ Macke

Proof I spent some time on the ground... Doh!
Courtesy BJ Macke

Trading Cards: Mary Tyler Roar #94, aka Fit this, girl, aka Me! Mary!

What ELSE fit's wonderfully with The Legs Do it Challenge better than rollerskating?!

This week was a little tough for me. I had a lot going on and was really busy at night when I was home. I had to shift some days around, but I am STILL hanging in there! Tonight is Thursday's Strength session that didn't happen, click here for the original post, or join me with the workout below!

2 min of Jump Rope
25 Jumping jacks to warm up
30 One leg weighted lunges on each side: With one foot behind you on the couch or a bench, hold your choice of weight in your hands or on your shoulders and come straight down to the floor into a lunge. Be sure your knee does not come past your toe!
15 dead lifts (35 lbs)
15 walking lunges TURN 15 walking lunges back to start (35lbs)
20 plie squats (weight tbd): feet slightly wider than hip width apart and toes pointed out. Hold the weight you are comfortable with in front of you or on your shoulders and come down into a squat so your legs are at 90 degree angles and then up.
20 regular squats: Be sure that you are comfortable with the weight you use! You can do squats just as effectively with your own body weight. You should be sticking that booty back as if you are sitting in a chair and folding at the hip while keeping your chest up. Keep the weight in your heels and you will feel it in your quads and booty!
End with walking .5 mile on treadmill or outside at a brisk pace andstretch!!

Amazing Grass Giveaway-CLOSED!

I love it you guys, I keep getting more and more followers!! You must like what you are seeing and reading, I hope that it resonates with you! Welcome to Fit this girl!

I am
getting hooked on Amazing Grass!! I know it is all over the blog world, the stuff is...well, Amazing. I have used it in my oats, I have used it before races, I use it to train and I snack on the bars because I LOVE them!

Bad kitty, no Amazing Grass for you!

It's Amazing!

Eat it with Oats!

Amazing grass isn't your average powder drink or protein supplement--it contains leafy greens, so it is helping us meet our daily recommended veggie values.

  • It is high in antioxidants
  • helps to neutralize free radicals
  • & returns our body to a proper alkaline balance from the often very acidic American Diet!

It increases your energy too so you get the effects of a sports drink with all the benefits of the grass. You can't beat that! For more information on all of the Amazing Grass products and wheat grass, visit their website FAQ page here.

I am thrilled that the great people over at Amazing Grass offered to do a giveaway for me of some of my favorite products!

The prize: One Bottle of Amazing Meal Pomegranate AND
a caddy (box!) of Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bars!

I joined the Amazing Grass affiliate network because I can really get behind their products and they are wonderful quality! The link on the side and the link up above are for the affiliate program, so feel free to use them to shop, check out the site or join yourself! Yay, yay, yay and WOW! I am a little excited for this...

How to enter: Enter one comment per item below!

1) Let me know if you have had Amazing Grass before
and if you love it & how you eat it!

For an additional entry:
2) Become a follower of Fit this Girl! and Leave me a comment
letting me know how you follow!

This contest is open to readers in US and Canada. The Winner will be selected by Comment number using an amazing random generating number machine and the giveaway is open until Thursday, February 18th at 7pm Central time!

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