Monday, February 15, 2010

LEGS Do it Challenge: Week 3

Lessons learned from Week Two Challenge: Don't post all four workouts at once, because I personally have a greater chance of missing one. :( Like I did this past week.

Week two was a little tough for me, I have to say that I hit 2 out of the 4 days and one of those days I doubled up. But, I just pick myself up by the boot straps and move forward. After all: fall down seven times, get up eight, right? Right.

New Plan: Posting two days at one time and then posting the other two as I am going to do them! If anyone out there is following along with what I am doing on what days, I am going to post for Monday and Tuesday today and Thursday, Saturday later this week.

Monday= Strength:
2 min of Jump Rope
25 Jumping jacks to warm up
40 lunges on each side (20lbs): Be sure your knee does not come past your toe!
30 dead lifts (35 lbs)
40 bicycle crunches
15 side lunges on each leg with a lateral raise using 5-10lb hand weights
40 Box Jumps Make sure your box is solid and secure and you have your balance. You can use an aerobic step in place.
30 regular squats (50lbs) or 20 regular squats with (30lbs) : You should be sticking that booty back as if you are sitting in a chair and folding at the hip while keeping your chest up. Keep the weight in your heels. Also, be sure you are comfortable with the weight you use, go lighter or use body weight if you need to on these!
90 seconds Plank

What? Why the core stuff?? Well, increasing your core strength can improve your force output and body control during free weight exercieses! AND it can help to reduce injury.

Tuesday = Stretching:
I LOVED these 13 Yoga poses for runners. I could feel my hips and low back loosening up as I was doing them. I am going to go through the series twice again and doing another 20 min yoga session from Yoga Download. This time I am doing Gentle Hatha Yoga it's a slide show, it comes with a PDF and audio guide!

I am slacking on my cardio and will work to get a few runs in this week! You may have noticed, but I didn't run (or blog about or train for) the Valentines day 5-k that I had anticipated doing. Le Sigh. There have been some things going on with me lately, I am working on a goal in my life that I am wanting to do well on and that has eaten up a lot of my free-time. (I eluded to this before and will share when I can!) I am hoping you guys can send me some running love so I can get my butt in gear this week!

Speaking of LOVE, did you have a great V-day?? I did-- the roller rink was awesome as were my great friends that came out! Here's a little picture recap, we had pizza at Punch where they fire roast it and then hit the rink! AND I met a Dagger Doll fan while there, she was adorable and we got our picture together! She even had a derby name: Ups-a-Daisy! We are BFF now...

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