Friday, February 19, 2010

Size Healthy!

Congrats to the Amazing Grass winner: Number 32

She said:

Congrats Megan! You get to try it now and thanks a ton for following. It's so cool to hear that people like reading my blog-send me an email with your address!


Angela over at Oh She Glows wrote a post about size based on a reader asking what size she was. Angela has an extremely healthy outlook on weight issues and eating for your health! She told the reader that she is "Size Healthy" posted pictures of pants and tees that she actually wrote that in, over the size on the tag!!

She asked all of us to take part also-- Check out the original post here and see how you can enter her contest by taking a sharpie to your fave jeans and embracing your Size Healthy!

I had taken to calling my skinny jeans my "strong" jeans because when I am strong and fit, putting them on make me feel SO great! Last night, I Healthified two of my favorite pair of jeans, only to discover that I spelled healthy wrong on the first pair! LOL! But, it still serves as a reminder.

Changing our thinking is always more than half the battle! Negative thoughts turn into negative self talk--so start with your mind and renew your outlook from the inside out.

Start viewing your size as size healthy
telling yourself you love eating your veggies
say that you are light as air when you are running

Soon your positive, healthy talk will be how you start to see everything!

Are YOU going to Healthify your Jeans?
What are your favorite healthy affirmations?

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