Monday, February 22, 2010

Legs Do it Challenge: Week 4

Happy Monday and happy home stretch of my Legs DO it Challenge!!
Thanks to everyone who has taken part and been encouraging me! Woot! Now Legs go...

Monday: Sculpting
Warm up!
15 Burpies
2 min of jumping rope!

The Chair Chiseler (thanks!)
Placing one foot on the chair in front of you, push through the opposite heel and drive yourself up while you push your arms back slightly, working the triceps. Return to set position. Do 12-15 reps then Switch sides, do 2 sets each side with a 60 second rest between.
To make it harder, pulse the leg behind you as you contract your tri's!

Partial squat/curl
Begin in set position, balancing on one foot with the other knee slightly bent and foot a few inches off the ground. As you bend your grounded knee, coming into a partial one legged squat curl your hand weights toward you and then release and back to set. Repeat 12-15 reps on each side, 2 sets.

If your like me and the balance thing stinks! You can do one set like this and one set on each side in a regular squat, curl. OR if your feeling ambitious like me, do 2 sets of each variation. Take THAT Monday!!

Back leg sculptor
Kneel on all fours and lift on leg in the air behind you, bending the knee at a 90 degree angle, with flexed foot, lift your leg straight up and back, squeezing your bootay to lift the leg as high as you can. Add three little pulses at the top and then in a controlled motion bring back to 90 degrees. Perform 12-15 reps switch legs, repeat. 2 sets, with no rest between sets.

(feel free to critique my form-flex that foot Mary!!)

I love calf raises yes I do, I love calf raises, how 'bout you?
40 Calf raises on your stairs, a box or aerobic step!
You can even use the leg press machine at the gym to do them!

Plank with lift:
You can either do this on your hands, with arms fully extended or you can do it on your elbows. This will work your abs at the same time as your legs, so be sure to engage your abs and be constantly lifting those hips, high as you do this move.
Lift on leg in the air, in a slow controlled motion, foot flexed on the way up and pointed on the way down. You should shoot for 2 counts up and two down, no faster. Remember to breath, lift and engage! Do 15 reps on each leg!

(I must be thinking about ice cream, because I am sure not lifting my hips!)

SO, that is all I am posting today, because that is all I have time for!!
On a not so side note, I have some VERY exciting pieces of news, but I am going to wait a bit to share it...I have eluded to the first part in a few posts lately but want to wait for the right time to share it with you guys!! I will say that it has a bit to do with each of these posts:

With Resolve (that's a cop out cuz it's hidden in my resolutions)
And here in my food blogger week: a post on Preparation

There are little pieces of my news all throughout my blog since my Trip to Germany in November! The trip was a bit of a catalyst for some things-- all good!! I will be sharing a few different parts as the timing becomes right and I know I can go into detail!

DO YOU have any great news lately?
Share! Tell! Let's build each other up!

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