Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jeff Galloway Method

On one of my runs over the weekend, I used the run, walk Jeff Galloway Method. I hadn't been getting enough running in or cardio at all for that matter, so I wanted to have a nice relaxing and moderately easy run! By using the Jeff Galloway Method, beginner runners, non runners and those recovering from injury can ease back into a safe running routine based on their own ability.

Here is what Galloway says:

"By alternating walking and running from the beginning, you speed recovery without losing any of the endurance effect of the long one[run]. Start with jogging one to two minutes and walking two to three minutes. As your training level increases you can adjust your run/walk ratio to running 5 minutes/walking one minute on your long runs."

My run was refreshing and surprising in that I didn't need to walk as much as I was prepared to! But I allowed myself to because there was some cool stuff happening down around the lakes where I run. Minnesotans LOVE the outdoors and it doesn't take much warmth or sun for us to head out and enjoy some winter activities!

I think the olympics were inspiring a lot of people to hit the ice rink at Lake of the Isles! There was a pretty rowdy hockey game happening in the rink next door as well!

If you're not a new runner, but are trying to utilizing a run, walk method to increase endurance, increase your speed during the running portions. For instance if a good pace for you in a 10 minute mile, you will want to try running faster ( a nine minute mile pace) during this kind of training.

That feels very similar to speed work, but the difference is the time and distance you are running at the faster pace. This method would have you running farther in distance and longer in time during the fast running segment. Speed work is most always sprint distances or under 800 meters.

But I sure felt fast! Hello cardio, my dear friend!

Have you used a run / walk method when you are getting back in the saddle?

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