Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Legs Do it: stretching & snack

I have to say that I have taken to eating a snack in the evenings and it is my new FAVE thing!
It's super simple, but I love the combination of the flavors:

Whole wheat english muffin, almond butter
and Raw Blue Agave Sweetner.

The butter & sweetner melt juust a little bit when you toast the english muffin, it's so yummy. It actually causes the Blue Agave to pool up and slip around on the top. It is such a great little snack and helps me feel fueled for our last week of my Legs Do it Challenge!

Wednesday = Stretching:
I am really loving the 13 Yoga poses for runners. By doing these and foam rolling, I can tell that my normally tight back and hips, are loosening up! I am going to go through the series twice again and then repeat the 20 min hatha yoga session from last weeks featured Yoga Download. It's the Gentle Hatha Yoga and is a slide show, with PDF and audio guide!

Good Luck with all your workouts today--
It's mid-week, let's make the most all that's left!

The BIG question

A friend of mine recently asked me, "Do you like your life?"

My first response was "What? What do you mean?"

I had never been asked that before and ever since the big question was popped I can't get it out of my head.

Do I like my life? My second answer was a little more concrete: "Yeah, I like my life. I mean, I am not happy with a few things, but overall I like it. I have great friends, I am happy with a lot of my habits, I love my blog and am working on goals."

Still the question stuck with me for weeks. I was BOTHERED by the fact that I couldn't answer yes or no even given a few disclaimers. I mean, it bothered me for weeks and I asked everyone around me the same thing... Do you like YOUR life? Do YOU like your life?

I knew I had to do something about the fact that I couldn't readily answer YES, or NO! I dream of my life this way or that, I think that if I could pick the life I wanted, like a build your own pizza, there would be a few more toppings I would add, and a few I would leave off!

Wait. Can't we pick the life we want? I believe we can. I believe we can send the pizza back and demand they take off what I didn't order, what I can't swallow and won't pretend I like.

One we will be happy with?

Can't we chose to better ourselves, chose to live what we believe & follow our dreams even at a price -- sometimes especially at a price? If I am not happy with a few aspects of my life why am I not doing something about it? A few aspects of my life, during this short little stint here on earth is a big deal. And if I think it's a big enough deal I can change those.

I can make those changes. To be brave, step forward and say what I want.

I can say that I am NOT going to :

over eat anymore
date that person
fill a void with clothes, food, boys or drinks
settle for less
stuff myself into this mold
keep my mouth shut
treat myself poorly
deny my true self
take it out on my body and on others.

And then I can act on these things and NOT do them. I can do better things in place of them and build my own happy life, with the toppings I want.

This is hard to do, I know because there are circumstances we all face, some of us every single stinking day. And they can be huge, they are giants, they are looming and it seems like we can't get away. There's no money to do what I really want, the job market is in the can, I feel all alone, it's pointless anyway, what if it doesn't work, what if I fail?

I believe with faith in God that he has our best interest in mind, for our best life ahead of us, that we can overcome all obstacles. Staying on his path and listening to him give us direction will always be the right path. It won't always be the easy one, but sometimes with a lot of hard work, a bit of planning, help from others, often with sacrifice and always with a leap of faith, we can do it.

So, Do you like your life?
Do you think we can pick our lives or are our hands dealt?

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